Protect your Instagram account and avoid attacks

Social networks are platforms widely used by users. They offer a range of possibilities such as being able to maintain contact with friends and family, share news, opinions, follow public profiles to be informed … In short, they are very useful in our day to day both for private users and, increasingly, also for companies and organizations. However, it is very important to protect our profiles. In this article we are going to talk about how to stay safe on Instagram. We are going to give some essential tips.

The importance of staying safe on Instagram

Keep in mind that hackers often set their sights on what is most used. This logically affects services that have a large number of users on the network. Platforms like Instagram are very present.

They can carry out different types of attacks that put our devices at risk, expose our information and, ultimately, leave us unprotected on the Internet. This can affect all types of users and no matter what device we use.

As we say, Instagram is one of the social networks that has gained greater importance lately on the network. That is why we must always protect our accounts so that they are not stolen or that they cannot attack our computers. You can become a target of cybercriminals and we should not give facilities.

How to protect your Instagram account

We have at our disposal a series of methods, configurations and characteristics that we can use in order not to put our social networks at risk. This is something that is usually common to all types of platforms that we use but in this article we are going to focus on the case of Instagram.

Use strong and secure passwords

One of the first steps that we must always take when using social networks is to use passwords that are complex. This must be logically applied to Instagram. We need to create keys that protect us. At the end of the day, it is the main barrier we have and the key to being able to enter the account.

For a password to be secure, it must contain letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other special symbols. All this in addition to a random and unique way. We should not use the same password on other platforms, since in case of a problem a domino effect would be generated.

Enable two-step authentication

As an added barrier, it’s critical to enable two-factor authentication. This is something that is increasingly present in the different services that we can use on the network.

Enabling it on Instagram is very simple. We have to open the application, go to Settings, enter Security and click on Two-Step Authentication. We can enable an authentication app or use text message. We also have the possibility to use recovery codes, for when we do not have access to the phone.

Control where we have logged in

Another interesting point to control everything related to the security of the account is to control in which places and from which devices we have logged in. This will help us to check if there is something strange, if someone has been able to enter without our consent. The geographical area where a device or an account has been connected may reveal that there is some kind of security problem that we must correct as soon as possible.

To check this is very simple. Once again we go back to Settings, Security and Login Activity.

Use the official Instagram app

Of course something very important is that we always use the official application. This is something that we must apply at all times. Whenever we are going to log in, it must be done from the official site or its application.

It is true that sometimes we can make use of third-party applications that may have more features or functions. However, it could also expose our security. This program could have been created for malicious purposes, with the aim of stealing our data and collecting information to sell it to third parties. We already know that all this has great value on the Internet and on many occasions they use this type of software.

Beware of direct messages we receive

The direct messages that we receive, even if they are from known contacts, could pose a threat. They may have fraudulent links that take us to malicious pages or that invite us to download files that are actually malware.

Avoid bots and fake users

The bots or false profiles is a problem that is very present in social networks. This could affect our privacy. They can be used to steal personal data, to compromise our devices. They appear on many such platforms and usually pretend to be a legitimate user.

We must be careful with this type of fake users and always keep in mind what their objective may be. Hence, it is also interesting to avoid putting personal data, since we do not really know who could see it at some point and what they could use it for.

Phishing, one of the worst attacks

Phishing is undoubtedly a type of attack that is very present on the Internet and also on social networks. Hackers can launch campaigns where they tell us that our account has a problem or that we need to fix an error.

They do this to steal our passwords and credentials. We need to use common sense at all times and only access from official sources. We should never log in through a link that we have seen on a third-party website or application. This could be a scam and serve as a gateway for cybercriminals.

Have systems and applications updated

Finally, something vital but that many users overlook is keeping the systems and also the Instagram application updated. Sometimes vulnerabilities emerge that can be exploited by hackers to deploy their attacks. We need to install those patches to avoid it.

In short, these are some fundamental tips to avoid attacks on Instagram. Some recommendations that we can put into practice to minimize the risk of suffering security problems on our account. We must always check that everything works correctly and that we have not left any loose ends.

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