Prevent your operator from tracking you on the Internet and improve privacy

Privacy is one of the most important factors for users on the Internet. Today data and personal information have great value on the net. Many companies are looking for a way to collect them. Luckily we also have methods to prevent being victims of these types of problems and to improve our privacy. Sometimes even our own operator may have an interest in collecting data and selling it to third parties. In this article we are going to explain what we can do to avoid being tracked by our operator. A series of interesting tips.

The great value of data and information on the web

Today it is a reality that our data and information have great value on the Internet. Many marketing companies can use them to send targeted advertising, for example. They can track us when browsing the Internet, using platforms and services in our day to day.

Keep in mind that it does not matter if we use mobile devices or desktop computers, since in both cases our data may be compromised. There are also applications that may be developed for information gathering purposes.

Many companies, applications or services that we use in the network can commercialize with our data. We have seen cases of large platforms such as Facebook that have sold this information to third parties. A way to profit at the expense of its users.

However, it may happen that even our own operator tracks us. They have the ability to know which pages we browse, what services or platforms we use and, when the time comes, sell that information. We will explain what we can do to prevent our operator from tracking us and gain privacy in this regard.

How to prevent our operator from tracking us on the Internet

If we wonder what an operator can collect, we must bear in mind that the range of possibilities is great. It could have information about the date and time we use the Internet, the location we have, the websites we visit, or what we download.

This is something that can happen frequently. Our operators may collect browsing data from users. They can, when the time comes, sell that information to third parties for profit. Let’s see what we can do to avoid being tracked and gain privacy.

Use a VPN service

One of the best ways we have to avoid being tracked by our operator is to use a VPN service. As we know there are both free and paid options, but they are the first the most reliable and they can really help to be anonymous on the network. The goal is none other than to encrypt our connections and prevent them from tracking us.

The use of a VPN service will prevent our operator from having the ability to collect the data that we mentioned before, such as knowing where we are, where we navigate, etc. In addition, we could browse certain sites that our operator could block in that country.

It must be taken into account that this type of program can be installed on both mobile devices and desktop computers. We have more and more devices connected to the network and this means that we must always keep them protected, without making any type of error and avoiding unwanted access, beyond the fact that our browsing data may be filtered and the operator knows where we navigate.

Proxy services

They can sometimes be confused with VPN services. Keep in mind that they are not the same, but they could be used for the same purpose. Thanks to using proxy services we can also gain privacy on the network and prevent them from tracking us.

It is, in short, another way to prevent our operator from tracking all kinds of data when browsing. Of course, we must bear in mind that it does not have all the security layers that we could have with a VPN. It is a somewhat more basic option but it could be useful.

Try another browser

Undoubtedly one of the most frequent ways to track us on the Internet today is through our browser. There, a wide variety of data is collected on the pages we visit, where we move, what services we use … At the end of the day, it is the main tool of our day-to-day life on the Internet. There are many options for all types of operating systems and devices.

Most users use browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However, there are many more available for free. Depending on which browser we use, we will also have greater privacy and security when browsing. One more tip to prevent our operator from tracking us is to use browsers like TOR, which are based on privacy.

TOR works as if we were navigating through a tunnel. Our connection will be completely filtered and will be anonymous. We will not show our real IP address, so third party sites will not know where we are. It is an interesting option to always preserve privacy when we visit a website or log in to any service. It works a bit like the previous cases we mentioned of a VPN or proxy.

Any device can be tracked

We mentioned it earlier. Any equipment can be tracked by our operator. This means that they could know if we use a television to navigate and what content we watch.

Therefore this means that we must protect our privacy in all aspects. A good idea could be to use a VPN that covers our entire network, beyond simply protecting the use of our computer or mobile.

In short, these are some of the main steps to prevent our operator from tracking us when surfing the net. This way we can improve our privacy on the Internet. It is a very important factor that we must take care of at all times. We must not make mistakes that could compromise our data, but we must also take into account that even the network operator from which we navigate could collect personal data and we can avoid this if we follow some steps as we have indicated.

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