How to recover my forgotten or hacked Twitter account

This post talks about what to do when your Twitter account has been hacked and how to prevent people and / or apps from hacking your Twitter account. AAAAAAAAAAA

If you cannot log in because the hacker has changed your password, you can click  I forgot my password. By clicking on the link, it will send you an email with the email ID registered with Twitter. This email will contain instructions on how to reset your Twitter password .

If Twitter does not recognize the email ID you enter, you must  notify Twitter of the hacked account. On the page, you will be asked for your Twitter username, the email ID that was associated with your Twitter account, if you have associated a phone with the Twitter account, and the date / time of the last time you logged in. session.

Based on this information, Twitter will try to retrieve your account from the login information so that you can log in and recover your account.

If you can access your account, please log in to Twitter and change your password in a structured way containing at least 8 characters including uppercase, lowercase, special characters, and numbers. Also, don’t set passwords that you have previously used on Twitter. This is because the applications authorized to use Twitter on your behalf can remember the old passwords and if one of those applications is responsible for the hacking of your Twitter account, the account will again become vulnerable.

Clear Twitter

After changing the Twitter password, delete all the tweets that were sent using the hacked account.

The next step would be to review the applications that are allowed to use Twitter on your behalf. Check the list of applications that are in Settings. Remove any applications that you do not agree to have authorized. While you’re there, you may also want to delete apps that you’re not already using.

Scan your computer for malware

One of the reasons your account may be compromised may be malware resident on your computer. It is better to scan your computer using some anti-malware. You can use a good  antivirus program to check your computer for malware.

Prevent your account from being hacked

You can prevent your Twitter account from being hacked by taking some precautions. First of all, you need to keep your password safe. No company will ever ask you for your password. If you get any email or phone call asking for your credentials, you will never give them the details.

When providing apps with data from Twitter, make sure you know that the apps are safe and do not have malicious intent.

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