How to password protect an Excel file for access and read only

Protecting an Excel file with a password is the natural solution to avoid tampering with the data in your spreadsheet. Here we will see two ways you can do it, both to restrict access to it and to make it read-only.

At the file level, you can protect an Excel workbook in two ways: lock it to restrict access or control who opens it, or set a password to control its modification. This means that you have the ability to lock an Excel file with two different passwords. Next, let’s see the steps for each case.

Protect an Excel file to control access

When you encrypt a file, no one will be able to open it without using the password you used to protect it. This is why this is the best way to lock an Excel file.

# 1. Go to File> Information> Protect Book> Encrypt with Password.

# 2. The Encrypt document window will appear . Here you must enter the password with which you want to encrypt the Excel file, and then click OK.

# 3. Then the Confirm password window will appear , in which you must retype the same password from the previous step and click OK.

In this way you will have encrypted your file to control access to it. Now to open it you must enter the password to access it.

Protect an Excel file for read-only

The second way you can protect an Excel file is from being modified. Locking the file for read-only prevents them from saving changes to it. To apply this second layer of protection, follow these steps:

# 1. In the File menu , select the Save As option .

# 2. While in the Save As window , click on the Tools drop-down menu and choose General Options.

# 3. The small General Options window will open , in which you can configure the two passwords: Open password, to open the Excel workbook; and Write password, to be able to modify its content.

# 4. Then you will be asked for the password again in both cases to confirm, to open and modify. You must confirm them and click OK.

Now, if you set both passwords, when you open the Excel file it will ask you to enter the password to access.

And then it will ask you for the password for write access. In case someone does not have write permission, they can open the file and view its contents with the Read-only button .

If after accessing in Read-only someone tries to modify the file, when saving it, Excel will notify you that it is read-only. In order to save any changes you will need to save a copy of the file under a different name.

How to remove Excel password

If you want to check out your file or remove the password from Excel, follow these steps:

Inside your Excel workbook, go to File> Information> Protect workbook> Encrypt with password.

In the Encrypt document text box , clear the password and click OK.

You can also remove the read-only password easily. In the File menu , select the Save As option . Then, click on the Tools drop-down menu and choose General Options. Finally you delete the password and click OK.

This way you will have unprotected your Excel file.

Protect Excel with password

Protecting Excel files is very useful for controlling access to important data. As we have seen, there are two ways to block it: with an access password and a read-only password.

By using these methods you can not only control who can see your file, but also who can make changes to it. This is of great help when we need to share a file with several people and not everyone has the right to modify the data.

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