Always keep your pc safe by updating windows defender by hand

Many users spend a good part of their work or leisure hours connected to the Internet from their computer, or simply working locally with Windows . But be that as it may, the dangers of possible attacks against our data are there at all times. That is why, as we have said so many times, it is best to use a security solution such as Windows Defender.

This is a solution integrated into the most used operating system in the world for desktop environments, which over time does not stop adding followers and users. The truth is that as the years have passed, this is antivirus software that has not stopped improving. This is something that Microsoft itself achieves thanks to the updates it sends for its program. In addition to all this we must add that by default it is integrated into Windows 10, which greatly facilitates its use.

With everything and with this, there are still many veteran companies in the sector that propose their own solutions so that users can use them. We find them both free and paid, most of them full of functions and features that are responsible for protecting us. But as we say, a growing number of users prefer to continue with the proposal that Windows 10 itself offers us as an antivirus by default.

How to access and customize Windows Defender

To say that from the outset, in order to open the Windows Defender antivirus as such , this is something that we achieve from the Windows Settings application or from the system tray, through the antivirus icon.

From the Settings panel

For this we only have to make use of the Win + I key combination, where we click on the option called Update and security.

Then this section will appear that we will tell you about the operating system, so we will only have to click on Windows Security. This is an option that we find on the left side of the interface that is presented to us. In this way, in the right panel we will see a button that reads Open Windows security, where we press. This will give us direct access to the large number of customizable functions corresponding to Windows Defender.

Thus, we will only have to move between the menus that we are going to find here and that Microsoft itself makes available to us.

From the system tray

Next to the clock, Windows 10 has an icon, shaped like a shield, which allows us to have our antivirus at hand. This icon has a colored circle at the bottom right that tells us at a glance if everything is going well or if we have a warning (yellow) or problem (red) in the antivirus.

Likewise, this icon helps us to open the antivirus without having to do all the previous steps. Simply double-click on the icon to open the security software. And, if we right-click, we can also access several quick shortcuts.

Update the antivirus database

Like the aforementioned Windows Defender, as we mentioned there are many other alternatives in this regard. However, there is something that we must take into account, and that is that the antivirus alone is of no use. This can have many and varied functions, but if the software does not know what it should protect us against, it is completely useless.

That is why these programs have an internal database that is the one that houses all the malware that it must detect and eliminate, hence its effectiveness. Of course, the types of malicious code that appear little by little, it is something of the most common. That is why the developers of these antivirus solutions must ensure that this database is as up-to-date as possible at all times. Otherwise, viruses and other malware that come to light in the last days or hours could infect our devices.

From Windows Update

How could it be otherwise, this is something that extends to Microsoft’s proposal for Windows 10 that we have talked about. That is why we are ready to show you how to keep the antivirus solution updated at all times, even manually. Well, for this, the first thing we do is reopen the Windows Settings application from Win + I.

We also go to Update and security, however in this case we will opt for the Windows Update function from the options on the right side of the window.

At this point it is worth mentioning that Windows Defender today uses the same update system as Windows 10. Hence, for the purpose we are looking for, we have located in Windows Update. And it is from here that the database updates that we comment on are downloaded automatically.

But with everything and with it and in order to make sure that we have the latest version released by Microsoft, we can always press the Check for updates button. This way we will be sure to have the most recent versions of virus signatures on the PC and to be fully protected.

Update Windows Defender hand

We also have the possibility of updating this database of which we have spoken, externally to Windows 10. Specifically, we achieve this by just downloading the most recent version of the antivirus solution from the Redmond firm. But of course, this is something that we must carry out 100% reliably, so we have to use Microsoft’s official website.

Therefore, to achieve this latest updated version of Windows Defender antivirus, the first thing we do is access this link . Here, at the bottom of the web that appears, we will see a series of links corresponding to the different versions of Windows 10 itself.

Therefore, we will only have to select the link corresponding to our Windows 10, and download the fully updated Windows Defender executable for later installation.

Check for the latest Windows Defender updates

However, to make sure we are protected, we always have the possibility to do a first-hand check of the most recent updates received. To do this, also from Windows Update, we just have to click on View update history.

This is where the latest updates that Microsoft sent to our team through Windows Update are located. Therefore, in this same window, we will only have to look for the section called Definitions updates . And we must bear in mind that in this section we find all the updates received, including those of Windows 10 itself.

Here we will see, cataloged by date, the most recent database updates that Windows Defender recently received.

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