5 programs to create USB security keys in Windows 10

Due to how easy the Windows password is to crack, the best password should be based on both software and hardware. This is why you should use a USB security key in Windows 10. That is, using a pendrive as a security key to lock and unlock the operating system.

Windows login password can be broken using Brute Force method. This is one of the most popular password cracking attacks and it basically works by fetching every possible combination of numbers, words and characters with the keyboard. For these reasons, you should consider using a USB security key. By supplementing the Windows password with a USB security key, your computer will be almost indecipherable to anyone.

How to create a USB security key

If you want to create your own security key with USB or ordinary pendrive, you can use one of the following programs to achieve it.


Windows | Free

KeyLock is a program to lock your computer with a USB flash drive. This disables the task manager and interrupts the mouse, making it impossible to access the desktop without the key. After unlocking the computer, everything returns to normal immediately and you will be able to use your computer without problems. It has a simple and modern user interface.

USB Raptor

Windows | Free

This allows you to turn any USB flash drive into a USB key to lock and unlock your computer. USB Raptor will lock the system when removing the USB drive from the computer and unlock it when the drive is plugged back into any USB port. The utility constantly checks USB drives for the presence of a specific unlock file with encrypted content. If you find such a file, your computer remains unlocked; otherwise, it is blocked.

To release the system lock, the user must plug the USB with the file into any USB port. In addition, you can enable two additional ways to unlock the system, such as password or network messages.


Windows | predator-usb.

Predator locks your PC when you are away, even if the Windows session is still active. It uses a normal USB flash drive as an access control device and it works as follows: insert the USB drive, run PREDATOR (it is possible to start automatically in Windows), you do the work you need and when you go away from PC alone you must remove the USB drive. The keyboard and mouse are disabled and the screen goes dark. When you return to your PC, put the USB flash drive in place, the keyboard and mouse are immediately released, and the screen is restored.

Predator Features:

  • It is very interesting that you can protect multiple PCs with the same USB drive. For example, protect personal and work computers.
  • You can take photos of the person trying to use your computer and attach them to an email or upload them to a remote server.
  • You can continuously take photos with the webcam (configurable interval), even when the keyboard and mouse are inactive.
  • Change the security codes recorded on your USB drive frequently. If an intruder manages to copy your memory, that copy will not work, since the codes will have changed.
  • It protects its own process in memory, so that no one can stop it with Ctrl-Alt-Del.
  • It allows you to regain control of your computer in the event of device loss. At first, you need to set a password to be able to unlock your PC, if the USB drive is not available.

Rohos Logon Key

Windows, rohos. | rohos., rohos.

Available in free and paid version, Rohos Logon Key allows you to log in with your memory or pendrive. If you are forgetful and do not remember your passwords, Rohos will act as a password for you to log in and access your Windows account by connecting the USB memory to the computer.

Rohos Logon Key is a secure authentication solution that turns any USB drive into a security token for your computer. This allows you to access the system safely, replacing the Windows login.

Rohos Logon Key Features:

  • Replace weak password-based login with a hardware USB security key (USB flash drive or memory card).
  • Use a long and powerful password, without having to remember it.
  • The system is password protected, but you don’t need to enter it manually every time you log in or unlock Windows.
  • Assigning a password to your user account provides better protection for a hibernated computer.
  • The password is not stored on the USB key in open form.
  • USB key copy protection does not allow unauthorized duplicates.
  • All data on the USB key is encrypted with an AES key length of 256 bits.

USB Lock

MacOSX | Payment 

USB Lock is a simple lock and unlock USB key for your Apple Mac computer. The screen goes black or displays the selected image when locked and an optional password text box appears when the key is pressed or clicked. mouse. It does not sleep or turn off if there are applications running, so you can have applications running while the system is protected.

What is a USB security key

Security keys are hardware devices that employ the U2F two-step verification standard. It differs from traditional two-step verification in that instead of receiving a code, it requires physical access to a hardware device that will act as a key. Without this “key” the user account will not be accessible.

Things to know before creating a USB security key:

  • You should always make a backup USB security key. That way, if you lose the USB, you can regain access to your computer.
  • Make sure to change the security password frequently. People with access can easily clone your USB without you knowing.

These keys are usually in the shape of any USB memory, since they are basically just that, USB devices with a chip equipped with a special firmware. You can buy them on Amazon or any other store that specializes in technology. But the advantage is that you can create your own USB key on any USB stick, using software for such purposes. That is what we will be talking about in this post.

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