WO Mic: How to use your smartphone as a microphone for your Windows PC

If you want to record some audio on your PC, you must have a good quality microphone. Unfortunately computers lack an acceptable microphone, no matter how expensive they are. This is because the microphone is little used in desktop terminals or laptops, so they bring mediocre devices. In these cases you can buy a new microphone, but you also have a cheaper and faster option. It’s about using your phone’s microphone to record audio on your computer.

Fortunately, cell phones come with a good microphone, which usually includes noise cancellation and other functions. In this post we will see a free utility called  WO Mic, which allows you to use your smartphone’s microphone as a virtual microphone on a Windows PC.

Use your phone’s microphone on the PC

WO Mic is a free program for Windows that allows you to use the microphone of your Android or iPhone as a virtual microphone. You need to install a WO Mic server and client and do the synchronization. Here is the procedure to achieve it.

The first step here would be to configure the application server. Instead of creating a server on your PC, WO Mic prefers to create it on your phone. Go to the Google Play Store or AppStore and download WO Mic.

Open the application and give it permissions to record audio from your device. Hit the settings icon in the header. Now click on Transport  and select the medium through which you want to transmit the content of your microphone. The available options are Bluetooth, USB, WiFi, and WiFi Direct. You can use Bluetooth or WiFi, but if you want the best quality with less audio lag, then go for USB. To initiate a USB connection, you must have USB debugging enabled on your Android device.

Once you have selected a suitable transport, make sure that both the PC and the mobile are connected. If you selected WiFi, make sure both devices are on the same network. Press the Play button   from the mobile application to start the server.

Now go to the WO Mic home page and download the WO Mic client for Windows. Additionally, you must also download the WO Mic virtual device driver for Windows. Install both and run WO Mic Client on your PC.

Click  Connection  and then  Connect. Choose your means of transport and connect the client to the server. For Bluetooth, you must pair the devices and select the device from a drop-down menu. In USB you only need to have the device connected via USB. In case of choosing WiFi you must enter the local IP address of the phone. And for WiFi Direct, you need to make sure your computer is connected to the phone’s access point.

Once the devices are connected, you will be able to see a WO Mic virtual microphone within your computer’s sound settings. This virtual microphone can be used with any application for audio recording or any other microphone related activity. You can also directly play the microphone input on the speakers using a built-in feature in WO Mic Client.

Virtual microphone with WO Mic

You may be surprised by the quality of the microphone and the low latency it offers. The best part of WO Mic is the virtual microphone that it creates on your computer. A virtual microphone can be used with any application. It will just act like a normal microphone connected to the computer and all applications should work fine.

WO Mic is an excellent free program for Windows and your mobile devices. It allows you to use the smartphone’s high-quality microphone on your Windows computer. This app is useful for audio / video professionals looking for a high-quality microphone available while traveling. You can download the applications from their home  page.

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