What are the best templates for microsoft excel for free to download online? List 2021

Excel templates are tools that allow you to save time and work in the office and at home, performing automated operations. When you create a template, it can be adjusted for any purpose, therefore, you can apply it to different documents and use it over and over again.

In this way, they facilitate the process of creating consistent and dynamic spreadsheets that will help you be more productive in your daily tasks. These are especially valuable for frequently used document types such as calendars, budget planners, invoices, inventories, etc.

If you want to learn how to design and find out which are the best offered by this Microsoft Office program , we invite you to continue reading. Right here we also explain what they are, what they are for and what advantages it has, in case you are new to this computer world.

What are Excel templates and what are these tools for?

Excel templates are powerful tools that facilitate users with the tasks of calculations, preparation of formats, planning of personal, academic, work, sports activities, among others. In addition, with these you do not need to know how to do the operations, or even how to write the formulas, they are already integrated into the spreadsheet.

You can use the ones that are already installed automatically in Excel by default, or you can download them for free from the Microsoft Office website. They generally use the file name extension .xltx, as opposed to .xlsx for an Excel workbook.

Given the nature of its use, we can find that they are very useful to carry out:

  • Accounting for both companies and small businesses, and even household expenses, personal portfolios and investment portfolios.
  • All types of sales invoicing and online or physical budgets.
  • Inventory controls.
  • Control over eating, diet, and exercise.
  • Construction of daily activity schedules and calendars.
  • Creation of scales and diagrams.

What are the advantages of using templates to organize yourself in Excel?

Without a doubt, this piece is much more than adding numbers, creating charts, graphs and performing numerical analysis. Well, as they are integrated into the Excel software, they help you save time when preparing new projects quickly.

For example, if you’re interested in creating an agenda or calendar, issuing receipts, or developing schedules, you have a set of templates on hand to simplify many routine tasks. In addition, a very important aspect is that you do not need to have deep knowledge to use them and take advantage of them.

Beyond this, they provide us with other benefits such as:

  • It is much easier to enter the information in a template, since the entire format is ready and shows specifically where each piece of information should go.
  • As it is a ready-made document, we save a lot of time and focus only on the essential information.
  • You avoid making mistakes when programming the formulas for the different calculations, since this whole process is ready.
  • All have been designed with a professional and artistic touch, so we do not have to worry about the aesthetics of it.
  • It allows us to work in a more orderly and clean way, thus improving our productivity.

List of the best Microsoft Excel templates to do it all

Now we will see which are the best templates that Excel provides us in its online template platform, according to the main categories:

Invoice templates

These are a vital tool to keep accurate control of customer records. With them you can create personalized and professional invoices, which can be modified and adapted for various clients and services.

Any business, large or small, will benefit from streamlining the design and functionality of invoices. In addition, all the calculations can be done by yourself. Well, there is no doubt that they are an ideal solution for any seller:

  • Basic invoice: This is a template to make simple sales invoices, and with a good presentation.
  • Simple service invoice: With this template you can keep track of the services provided and thus keep track of the company’s profits.
  • Service invoice with tax calculation: Excellent billing model to keep track of the services provided by time, by calculating the hours and the amount of taxes added according to the percentage.
  • Collection invoice: Streamline collection processes with this simple invoice, with a unique professional presentation.
  • Invoice: Create the best invoices with the essential information about the sellers, and with an exact calculation of the totals.
  • Sales invoice: Carry out the invoicing of your sales with this model that also includes a list with the customer’s orders, plus the cost of each of them.
  • Sales invoice green gradient design: This model presents a modernist design in green tones, perfect for carrying out the invoicing of your company’s sales.
  • Invoice with blue financial charge: This is a very good option to carry out the control of the financial charges of certain clients.
  • Business invoicing: If you choose this model you will have access to a standard invoice design that can be used in any establishment you work with, both with services and sales.
  • Blue gradient design service invoice: This is the ideal option to calculate the amount of the amounts of the services that your company offers.
  • Service invoice with hours and rates: With this option you will be able to invoice in great detail all your services provided, along with the unit rates per hour and their respective totals.
  • Blue Gradient Design Sales Invoice: Create professional invoices with this option featuring stylish blues and gradients.
  • Billing statement: Excellent model to carry out company billing statements professionally, quickly and easily.
  • Tracking sales invoices: With this template you can make a document that allows you to keep track of all the invoices that come out of your company.
  • Invoice payment checklist: This is an option that is very good when it comes to having control over the payments that have to be made and those that are already made in a company.

Templates to keep your accounting

If you are a merchant or a small entrepreneur, it is ideal, since you can accurately and systematically monitor the accounting process of your business. In the same way, you can calmly keep the financial statements of any organization. For example, the trial balance, profit or loss statement, journal, and balance sheet, to name a few:

  • Ledger: It has never been so easy to record accounting entries and have a good control over the debts and credits of the company.
  • Ledger with gradient design in blue: Keep an exact control of all your accounts receivable and keep track so that all your clients are up to date.
  •  Profit and loss balance : It carries out a control of all money flows and is always aware of the profits and losses that may be generated in the company.
  • Expense trends budget: Have an exact control of the expenses that are made in the company on a monthly scale.
  • Wholesale purchase depreciation calculator: With the use of this template, the accountant user will be able to facilitate the process of calculating the accumulated depreciation of the assets acquired in a company.
  • Declaration of loss  of profits: Working with this design in our portfolio we will have the option to calculate the expenses and benefits of the company, throughout the 12 months of the year and have the final result reflected.
  • Patient Accounting Form: Keep accounting records of all your clients who may well be patients.
  • Inventory control: Stay out of all the supplies and all the raw material that enters the company’s warehouse and everything that is used, also of what is lost with this simple template.
  • Service Proposal: Use this design as a guide for creating documents that allow you to attract customers to your company.
  • Small Business Spending Sheet: Have total autonomy over monthly and annual expenses, as well as graphs and statistics of your growing business with this powerful document.
  • Warehouse inventory : A second inventory also very useful to keep track of supplies, and very important to take into account when requesting new raw materials.
  • Annual financial report: This particular document is very useful to be able to compare the performance of the company of the current year with the previous years.
  • Register of fixed assets and  depreciation: This template has the exact configuration to calculate the depreciation of different assets of the company, such as equipment.

Topics to organize your daily agenda or calendar

With these themes you can easily organize all your activities, whether they are work or personal. An advantage of these is that some come with holidays, so you will avoid having problems when programming.

Now, the most important thing is that you can customize the theme based on your requirements:

  • Agenda: This design allows us to create a document to record the activities that we must carry out during the day with a set schedule.
  • Daily work schedule: Manage your day-to-day activities and schedule events for medium-term activities.
  • Agenda with blue spheres: The format of this agenda is very attractive and is excellent for keeping a complete control of the day’s affairs.
  • Daily Appointment Calendar: Never miss an appointment or activity again with this great template.
  • Formal meeting agenda : With this agenda in your portfolio you can formally arrange meetings with your partners or co-workers.
  • Adjustable meeting agenda : This agenda includes a macro that allows you to adjust the hours and duration of events on the fly.
  • Conference agenda: This is a good tool for you to share the schedule of important meetings.
  • Event organizer: Manage the scheduling of large events in a single document, easy and fast. The information can be modified on the fly thanks to the macros in this template.
  • Classic Meeting Agenda: If you want to stay in control during your daily meetings, use this powerful document.
  • Double Stripe Agenda: One of the best designs for documents that allows you to record and control daily activities.

To control your diet

These even help you control your diet digitally, that is, it allows you to develop a record of the nutrients you consume daily. Likewise, it helps you plan meals for weeks, when you should eat, the amounts, portions, etc:

  • Weekly eating schedule: Keep control of your diet and the calories you consume by putting together a healthy eating plan.
  • Daily record of calories and fat in food: Keep all food consumption aside, recording how many grams are ingested in each food to make a calculation of daily calories and fat.
  • Weekly meal plan: This powerful template gives you the option to anticipate each of your meals during the 4 weeks of the month, thus optimizing your time and money.
  • Basic meal planner: Strictly follow the guidelines established in your diet thanks to this great tool.
  • Nutrition record: Stay out of all the foods you eat, and know what contribution these generate daily for your health by recording proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates per gram.

Topics for your exercise routines

Definitely with these you can also keep track of all the activities of your personal life, in this sense, there are topics for your exercise routines, for users who like to do sports activities and others. Therefore, you can, for example, create a record of the warm-up time, distance traveled and number of hours trained in the week, to name a few:

  • Weight loss control: Record all your daily data on your body weight and observe in the graph, how you are reducing those extra kilos.
  • Diet and exercise diary: In conjunction with your calorie record, with this template you can control your entire process of muscle gain or fat loss, as professionally as possible.
  • Training plan: Keep a strict control over your training sessions while recording the achievements.
  • His and hers weight loss monitoring: This template is ideal to use with your partner, so that both of you will always be motivated in following the diet to achieve the desired weight.
  • Exercise log: Set your goals high and gradually record your progress and your gains in strength, muscle mass, speed, and fat loss.
  • Activity monitoring: Record the duration of each of the exercises in your routine to verify with the table, the approximate number of calories burned.
  • Athletics record: This is the best document for a running athlete, since it allows to record the number of laps per training, depending on the distance, the speed implemented, and the time that the training lasted.
  • Exercise planning : Plan your weekly training program and go out and do your best for your health and physical appearance.

To organize your courses and classes

If you are a student you can create your template to organize your courses and classes in a simple way. So you can plan your weeks efficiently to attend your academic activities on time:

  • Student Calendar: Set your calendar for classes only, making the week start on Mondays. It allows to follow up on the subjects in their respective schedules, as well as on pending assignments.
  • Weekly College Schedule: This is an elegant tool that helps students stay on top of their week’s schedule, in order to fix the most important issues to be resolved.
  • Class schedule : Create your personal class schedule and never be late for your classes again.
  • Simple class schedule: Keep your weekly class cycle well controlled and avoid missing important classes and assessments.
  • University course calendar: Record all the activities of your career so that you make better use of your study time.
  • Homework schedule: Organize all your college assignments in order of priority and start leaving each of them until you can rest.

Worksheets for your personal projects

At this time it is common for you to have thousands of assignments, therefore, it is necessary that you have worksheets for your personal projects. Remember that success goes through the discipline of planning, organizing and managing resources to carry out the specific goals and objectives of your life project. Therefore, these help you to keep track of all your efforts and resources over a period of time:

  • Daily work schedule: Manage your personal activities daily and dedicate time to your personal projects.
  • Project monitoring: Take control of all your personal projects and develop your potential to the fullest with this great tool.

Topics to organize your personal finances

Nowadays, keeping track of your bank accounts is very easy thanks to these topics to organize your personal finances. Simply, you must enter your initial balance, each of the transactions and let Excel take care of the rest. There, you can analyze your expenses in detail:

  • Personal budget: Keep track of all your transactions and keep everything in an orderly and clean record. This will allow you to better manage your income.
  • Basic personal budget: Keep the accounting of your home throughout the year and do not let any dividend slip away on unnecessary things.
  • Personal net worth calculator: Get the net value of all your assets and assets and from then on try to grow them.

Templates to organize your monthly payments

They are very similar to the previous one, since they allow you to keep track of all the monthly payments. Likewise, any tool that you use to record the entry and exit of money each month is not too much.

  • Manager of the personal economy: With this elementary document, you will be able to have registered all your monthly expenses and keep your economy in a healthy state.
  • Budget of household expenses: Record each expense during the month and spend wisely, so that these records are always positive.
  • Family budget per month: With this document your whole family will be aware of expenses and income to take care of the household economy.

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