The best online synthesizers to create songs

A synthesizer is an electronic instrument widely used in the creation of modern music. This instrument is responsible for generating audio signals that, through different processes, can be converted into sound. These instruments are generally played with a keyboard and are used to imitate the sound of other stringed instruments, air, and even voices and sounds of nature.

What is a synthesizer

A synthesizer is an electronic-type musical instrument. This is responsible for generating acoustic signals through a series of internal circuits. In addition, the musicians who use them can modify practically all the values ​​of the instrument until they achieve the exact note they want to generate. Synthesizers have a leading role in modern music today due to their ease of use and the endless possibilities they offer.

Today there are many types of synthesizers, both those that do not have built-in controllers (known more as sound modules, which are used connected to a PC) that are usually the cheapest, and those that have controllers and are autonomous , but they are also the most expensive, since they are already used by professional musicians.

If we like music, but do not want to spend a lot of money on a synthesizer, it is possible to use our computer easily to generate music . And it is also possible to do it directly from our browser without having to install any program or download anything to our PC.

The best synthesizers online

These synthesizers work on all operating systems, since in order to use them we just have to open their website from Google Chrome or Firefox, without downloading or installing anything., simple and powerful

One of the simplest and most powerful online synthesizers that we can find is This synthesizer has a very simple interface that we can easily use from our keyboard or with a MIDI controller.

This audio generator allows us to choose from a good number of instruments, as well as a series of bases and patterns that we can change according to the music we want to create. Although it is true that there are other more complete online synthesizers, if we are looking for something simple, will certainly surprise us.

We can access this synthesizer from here .

Playtronica, control the sound directly from the keyboard

Another very simple sound synthesizer that we can use is Playtronica. This is, if possible, even simpler than the previous one, and although it is mainly focused to use it with a Playtron, we can control the sound directly using our keyboard.

This generator offers us several types of sound that we can choose with the menus at the top, and it will also allow us to see the wave of each of these sounds and how the different waves that we generate overlap.

We can start generating our own music by entering this link .

Viktor, classic synthesizer with keyboard and additional controls

In this same sense and if we continue with the synthesizers that we can use from the Internet browser itself, here we have another interesting proposal. This is the web application called Viktor. To begin with, we will tell you that as soon as you access its official website, we find a design that will surely not be strange to you. This is because it is shown as the classic synthesizer that comes composed of a keyboard along with a series of additional controls on the top.

Say that through these we have the possibility of modifying a multitude of parameters while we make our compositions. Here we find elements such as oscillation, music modulation, noise, etc. All this to offer us what we are looking for in this type of web applications. It is also worth noting that in Viktor we find dozens of instruments that we can use instantly. Therefore, as in other similar cases, all we need here is a little creativity and a lot of practice. For this we only have to access this link .

WebSynths, with options and resources to create our own music

If we are looking for something more complete and professional, WebSynths offers us another website with a large number of options and resources to create our own music. In this online synthesizer we are going to find a list of instruments and compatible sounds at the top so that we can choose how we want to adjust the sound generator.

BPM, filters and a wide variety of professional settings make WebSynths one of the most comprehensive synthesizers online.

We can access this online tool from its website .

Online Sequencer, easily create your own music

Another alternative to the previous ones, complete and with a multitude of options and possibilities is Online Sequencer. This sound sequencer, as its name suggests, allows us to easily create our own music using a panel in which we will be able to place various digitally generated effect sounds that mainly simulate instruments.

We will also be able to generate random music with the program, in addition to seeing popular creations of other people, such as, for example, MIDI music from the Final Fantasy VI game.

We can access this website from this link .

webx0x, synthesizer and drum sequencer

webx0x is a drum synthesizer and sequencer that we can fully control from our browser. It has a large number of controls and functions that we can adjust according to our needs and the purpose of the project we are carrying out. It is also compatible with MIDI inputs for a more realistic audio production.

We can access this synthesizer from here .

WebFMSynth, with keyboard and tone effects

Programmed in HTML5, this is a synthesizer that we can run from any web browser and that will allow us to experiment with many of the functions and features that we can find in different physical synthesizers. We can find a keyboard and adjust algorithms and the effect of tones. We will even have a spectrometer that will allow us to know the wave of the generated note.

We can access this synthesizer in HTML5 from this link .

MK-1, inspired by the famous Casio SK-1

This synthesizer is inspired by the famous Casio SK-1. With it we will be able to generate a large number of different effects and tones, of all kinds, from our browser. This is an OpenSource project, so we can even customize and improve it if needed.

We can access this free synthesizer from here .

Themerin, control it without the need for physical contact with the instrument

A Theremin is an electronic instrument that can be controlled without the need for physical contact with the instrument. The instrument has two antennas capable of detecting the position of the hands and generates an acoustic wave based on how we move our hands according to the modifications of the wave.

From this website we will be able to play our own Themerin, and adjust its frequency with a multitude of values.

Which online synthesizer should we choose?

If we are looking for an online synthesizer, we have good options to choose from as we have seen. They all have the advantage that it works from the browser, which makes it possible for us to use them from any computer, regardless of the operating system we use. When choosing one or the other, the ideal will always be to try all of them as much as possible, to see which one best suits our uses and needs. If we are beginners and do not have much knowledge, both and Playtronica are good options due to their simplicity, which will not be of great help when it comes to dealing with a synthesizer.

On the other hand, if we consider ourselves users with more advanced knowledge, we must set our sights on a complete and professional web application. In this case, the tool that we should not stop trying is WebSynths, with which we will have at our disposal a large number of options and resources when composing our own music.

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