So you can watch dtt and listen to the radio in vlc and kodi 100% legal

Although most of us will have a good TV in our living room, being able to watch DTT from the computer, through the Internet, has always been something very striking for most users. Most of the DTT channels broadcast through their web pages live, and others even have apps that allow us to see their broadcast from devices. However, having all the DTT channels at our fingertips and being able to switch from one to another easily is usually something quite complicated. Fortunately, there are 100% legal playlists that allow us to watch DTT online from our PC.

A playlist, as its name suggests, is a list of multimedia content (both local and remote) that allows us to play all kinds of content over the Internet using IPTV. In the case of a list of online DTT channels, what the list has are the addresses to the official servers of each chain, along with their name, so that we can move through all of them intuitively.

Before continuing, we make a warning:  watching DTT online is 100% legal . The channels that we are going to see next are channels that officially broadcast over the Internet. The same that we can see on any television, but on the Internet.

TDTChannels, best channel list to watch DTT

In the network we can find a large number of playlists of IPTV channels. And one of the most complete and up-to-date to watch DTT online from our PC can be found in TDTChannels, an open platform, totally free and 100% legal to see all DTT channels open.

We can download this list of channels from the following link . The channel list by itself is of little use, since it is basically a text file with the extension m3u8. However, with the right player, we can have all the television within reach of our mouse.

TDTChannels has a totally free app for Android and iOS that will allow us to watch digital terrestrial television directly from our mobile. And also, we can find complete lists, in different formats, to load directly into other programs, such as Kodi and VLC . The lists that interest us are the M3U8, valid for both programs. We remember that the URLs of the channels tend to change often, so we must make sure to always download the most up-to-date channel list.

Don’t have VLC or Kodi handy? From TDTChannels we will also be able to watch TV and listen to radio online directly from the web browser. Without a doubt, a website that we must always have at hand, whatever happens.

How to watch DTT online in VLC

The fastest way to be able to watch DTT from your computer is to use a simple multimedia player, such as VLC . This free and open source player will open the channel list and allow us to play the channels we want on our PC.

Once the channel list is downloaded, in the previous point, the next step will be to open it in the program. If we use VLC as the default media player for Windows 10, we can open it by double clicking on it. Otherwise, what we will have to do is open VLC, and, from the File menu, open the list that we just downloaded.

It will automatically open VLC and start playing the first channel on the list. To access the list of all channels we must go to the menu «View> Playlist», or use the keyboard shortcut Control + L. If we double click on any other channel we can automatically switch to it.

How to watch DTT streaming on Kodi

For users who do not want to use VLC and want something more visual, we can also watch all DTT channels legally from Kodi using this playlist. To do this, the first thing we must do is download the multimedia center on our computer, something we can do from its website or from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: XBMC Foundation

Once Kodi is installed , we open the System Settings menu by clicking on the gear icon.

Once in this menu, we will select the « Add-Ons « section, to install a plugin to reproduce lists of IPTV channels. Within this panel we will select ” Install from repository “, and we will search for ” PVR IPTV Simple Client ” within the category ” PVR Clients “.

We install this Kodi plugin in our player by clicking on “Install” and that’s it.

Once installed, the next thing we will do is go to its file and access the Settings menu.

In the General> M3U Playlist section we must enter the URL of the channel list, which we have linked to at the beginning of the article. We can add the remote URL for the plugin to download the new channel list automatically or, if we have it saved locally on the PC, load it from here. We recommend that you charge it remotely.

We save the changes and that’s it. We already have DTT added to Kodi . To see it, we simply have to go back to the main screen, choose the TV panel on the left and “Channels” on the right .

We can now see the complete list of DTT channels, with their icons and other related information.

Clicking on any of the channels will automatically start its playback. Some features of the plugin, such as the programming guide, do not work correctly. But, without a doubt, this is the best way to watch DTT from your PC. And, of course, to show that Kodi isn’t just for streaming pirated stuff.

Listen to online radio in VLC

In addition to watching DTT online with this playlist, its developer also provides us with a playlist with hundreds of radio stations that we will be able to listen to, completely free and 100% legal, from both players.

What we must do first is download the radio playlist to our PC. If we want to watch DTT and radio, we also have a list that includes both lists. But we, as in the previous points, have done it for DTT, here we are going to see it for radio only.

Once the list is downloaded, preferably in m3u8 format, we simply run it with the player we want, such as VLC, and we can see the list of stations.

We look for the station we want (manually, or from the search engine) and double-click on it to play it.

The radio, as it has no image, will not show us anything in the player. The station that we have selected will simply begin to sound, and nothing else.

How to listen to online radio on Kodi

As we have seen in these same lines, listening to the radio in the VLC player is quite simple. But this is not the only multimedia proposal that allows us to do the same. And it is necessary to bear in mind that the one mentioned above, Kodi, also allows us to listen to radio stations over the Internet. Of course, in this case we are going to need to use one of the popular add-ons of the multimedia application.

But do not worry, it is a totally legal complement that you can use in the program without any problem. Therefore, to install what we are talking about, the first thing we do is access the program as such. Next we select the Add-ons section on the left side of the interface and click on the box-shaped icon .

After that we choose the option to Install from repository and we opted in the next window for Music Add-ons. Here we will already have the possibility to choose the so-called Radio, which is the one that interests us in this specific case. At that time, once inside the add-on, we just have to click on the Install button to add it to the program .

Therefore, now we only have to wait for the notification that the add-on is installed to appear and return to the Add-ons menu . Specifically, we are in the music add-ons section where we will see the addition that we have just included in Kodi itself.

From that moment on, we will be able to select the stations that interest us at all times. In fact, this add-on allows us to search by themes, gender, country, city, and much more.

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