Search and download album art for your mp3s with album art downloader

The evolution in the way we listen to music has been changing for decades. Whether on vinyl, cassette or CD, we had always conceived the physical format when listening to our favorite music. Since the appearance of the Internet as an essential element in our lives, we have started to consume music downloaded in MP3 and on many occasions we do not have the album cover. To solve it, there is a program like Album Art Downloader, which we will talk about below.

Album Art Downloader is a free and open source program that allows us to find and download album art, so that we can have our MP3 music files well organized.

The main virtue of this program is that it is capable of searching the covers on various specialized websites such as Amazon, CDCoverHideout, CDCoverIsland, Discogs, Album Art Exchange, Cover-Paradies, among others. This means that we can easily find the desired cover even for little-known artists or albums, regardless of our musical taste.

How to find album art with Album Art Downloader

Once we run the application, its main menu appears with an interface with a simple and intuitive design , which despite being completely in English, we will quickly become familiar with its operation. In the central part it has a large workspace that provides enough space to correctly view any search we carry out.

At the top we find the “Artist” and “Album” sections, which will be the two essential search fields to carry out our task, as it will allow us to tell the application of which artist and album we want to search for the cover . In addition, with each new search a new window will open to make sure that nothing is accidentally lost. This is something that is optional and can be configured as we will see later from its «Options» menu.

On the right side of the interface we find a column where all the sources appear where the program will search for the desired cover. We can mark that it searches in all or select only those where we want it to search. Although the program does not allow us to add our own pages to search, the options it offers us are more than enough.

These fonts also have a few small customization options . If we click on the three dots that accompany each source, a small menu of options will open. In them we can select the maximum number of results that each source shows us, as well as select that it is always downloaded in full size and use the source to search for the results first.

Once we enter the name of the album artist we must click on the «Search» button and in a matter of seconds the program will be in charge of displaying all the covers found among all the selected sources. However, the number of results may be high and it may take us some time to find the correct cover page if no filters are applied or all sources are chosen for the search.

Customize search results

At the top we also have an options section (Options) that will allow us to configure some application parameters . For example, we can mark that the search results open in a new window, that the program closes automatically after saving.

We can also signal if we want full-size images to be downloaded automatically. Another option is the ability to filter by image size and cover type . This is very useful if we want you to search only the front cover, the back cover, or even the internal brochures that accompany the CD. In addition, we can select the path of our hard drive where we want the downloads we make to be saved.

Download the covers

When it comes to downloading the covers, the procedure is just as simple. We just have to choose the desired one and click on it. In a matter of seconds, it will be downloaded on the established route. We can also press the right mouse button and a context menu will appear from where we can see a preview, choose the path for the download, copy to the clipboard or delete. We can also choose if we want the image to be saved as a front, back or CD image, so that everything is well organized.

Conclusions: is it worth using Album Art Downloader?

As we can see, Album Art Downloader is a great option if we want to be able to download all the covers of our favorite albums. The search and download process is very simple, which is why we are talking about an application aimed at all audiences. Although it is entirely in English, the truth is that it is quite intuitive, so it should not be an impediment to its use. It also does not require a powerful computer and is capable of running even on Windows XP computers. It stands out for the large number of sources where it searches such as Amazon, CDCoverHideout, CDCoverIsland, Discogs, Album Art Exchange, Cover-Paradies, which makes it almost impossible for us not to find the desired cover, and we do not miss the impossibility of adding our own sources.

Download Album Art Downloader for free

Album Art Downloader is an open source program that we can download for free from the SoucerForge website . It is compatible with the Windows operating system in practically all its versions such as XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Additionally, it is possible to download a portable version of this program from here . In this way we can run it from any portable storage device such as a hard drive, a memory card and a pendrive on any computer.

Its latest available version is 1.05, which corresponds to March 2020, so we have a well-updated software by its developer, which enables optimal performance.

Alternatives to Album Art Downloader

If we are looking for a program that helps us complete our collection of MP3 music with its corresponding cover, we present a couple of alternatives to Album Art Downloader that we can take into account for this purpose.

Album Cover Art Downloader

This useful software allows us to automatically download the covers of all the music albums that we have on our computer. In this way we can place them in their corresponding folder and thus be able to locate them better. In case the automatic search does not work, it will also be possible to carry out the searches manually. We can download Album Cover Art Downloader from this link .


It is an application that allows us to easily update our music folders by adding its corresponding cover. This is something that can be done automatically by recognizing the songs on our hard drive or manually. It also allows us to edit the metadata of the songs and load the covers that we have on our computer and export covers as images. We can download Creevity from here.

AudioLabel CD DVD Labeler

It is a program that will help us design and print labels and covers for CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs and cases. It stands out especially for being a very easy-to-use tool, with powerful functions that will help us obtain professional results. With this application we can add images, backgrounds and photos, and for this it will only be necessary to drag and drop. It has an intelligent text editor that will help us to design and organize our text. We can automatically import the information of our CDs in full, to edit their label. If we want to try AudioLabel CD DVD Labeler, we can download a 15-day trial version from this link .

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