Improve the sound on kodi and enjoy more music and movies

As many of you already know by now, there are countless programs that we can install on our Windows-based computers. One of the most common types is multimedia content players, along with browsers or office software. In fact, one of the most prominent in this entertainment sector, it is precisely the one that we will talk about next, Kodi .

And it is that these players of which we speak, have become basic of any computer thanks to the capabilities they offer us. This is something that we can see first-hand on Windows- based computers, for example. In fact, these program formats for playing video or audio are almost never missing here. Something we must know is that these specific software solutions are of enormous help on a day-to-day basis.

They are used both in work environments related to the professional world, and more domestic for leisure moments. As most of you know, these days many users use a single computer both at the office and later at home to play games or watch movies. This is possible thanks to the hardware that these assemble in these times and that allow us to carry out all kinds of work. And of course, we cannot ignore the software that we run every day to get the most out of these teams.

Reasons why you should be interested in using Kodi on your PC

Therefore, when it comes to playing multimedia content, which is what interests us now, one of the most prominent programs is Kodi. It has been with us for a good number of years, and in this time it has not stopped growing and improving. It is for all this that we can affirm that this is a very popular software and that it offers us a good number of solutions. These come in the form of integrated functions that allow us to manage and reproduce content libraries of the most diverse nature. Here we refer to photos, music, videos, etc .; all controlled with a multitude of functions and parameters that we find.

Also, if there is something that characterizes this multimedia solution that we are talking about here, those are its add-ons or accessories . These are small pieces of software that we install in the program itself in order to greatly increase its functionality. Therefore with Kodi we find a program that can improve a lot based on add-ons that we add. What these really do is give us access to certain online platforms that we cannot access natively. In addition, others help us to improve the user interface, or to add functions to the program .

Many associate these elements with the world of piracy, but you have to know that there are add-ons of all kinds. The program itself has its own repository from which we can access official add-ons and thus improve the software. At the same time, if there is something of extreme importance in this program, this is everything related to audio and video .

Kodi parameters to improve sound

In fact, in these same lines we are going to focus on something as important as the audio section in Kodi. Despite the fact that many directly link the use of this program with the use of video, audio also plays a very important role here. That is why configuring all this in a convenient way is also extremely important. Whether it is to better enjoy our music libraries , or to customize the sound output when watching our movies and series, Kodi tries to help us in this regard.

For all this, it puts at our disposal a series of configurable parameters that will help us to adapt the behavior of the program to our needs. As you can imagine, no matter how well the video looks on Kodi, if the sound is not according to this element, the experience will be seriously damaged. Well, for this that we comment, the first thing we do is open the program as such. Next we access its configuration options . This is something that we achieve by simply clicking on the button with the shape of a cogwheel that is located at the top of the window .

This will give us way to a new window called System, from where we can carry out a multitude of changes and adjustments to Kodi. Therefore, in it we have to click on the System section to be able to locate the settings that interest us in this case. Now, in the left panel, we will see a section called Sound, where we are located. Of course, by default we will see that at the bottom of this panel there is a button that indicates Basic.

Configure Kodi to be heard better

But perhaps we are interested in being able to take a look at all the parameters that we have access to from here. Therefore, what we recommend is to click three times on this button until it is in Expert mode. Now we will have all the parameters available on Kodi on the screen.

Here the first thing we do is specify the audio output device that we are going to use. Another extremely important parameter here is the number of channels we have installed in order to take advantage of all the available speakers. By default this is set to 2.0. We also have the possibility to adjust the quality of the audio resampling, or send some noise when the volume is too low.

At this point, what we recommend is, depending on the hardware you have on your PC to reproduce the sound, that you try various configurations. And it is that on many occasions when using Kodi we have a 5.1 or even 7.1 speaker system installed , so it is advisable to test various parameters in order to adjust the program to what interests us in this regard.

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