How to crop the area of ​​a video easily with handbrake

Video editing applications are widely used today, as videos have become the most popular type of content of the moment. Among the functions that we perform the most when editing a video, the trimming of the video itself stands out, while one of the best applications to trim video in Windows 10 is Handbrake . Next, we are going to show you how to crop the area of ​​a video easily with this tool.

When we talk about trimming a video, we can understand eliminating the seconds we want at the beginning or end of it, however, trimming part of the area of ​​a video has nothing to do with what we commonly refer to as trimming a video. Of course, we should not be confused with changing the size of the video, since in this case the video remains intact and what is reduced is its resolution.

Utilities that we can give to the area cutting function of a video

Therefore, something that we must have more than clari, is that cropping the area of ​​a video means that if we have a video of 1920 x 1080 points and we eliminate, for example, 200 points in the lower part, we will have cut part of the area of ​​the video but the duration and resolution will remain intact . It is true that many of the platforms and programs that we usually encounter, what they propose to us is the first of the modalities. But here things change substantially, since in this case we do not want to extract a part of that content, but to cut a display area of ​​it.

This is something that cannot be done with any program, and that can also be very useful in certain circumstances. For example, in order to erase the part in which the subtitles are seen , or simply to eliminate a section that has some kind of mark that we do not want to be seen. Therefore, below we show you the way to achieve this that I comment through the Handbrake program, a very useful application in the treatment of videos in general.

Steps to follow to crop the area of ​​a video with Handbrake

To do this, Handbrake is one of the best free tools for Windows 10 with which we can cut out an area of ​​a video quickly and easily. It is a software that we can get completely free of charge from this same link to the tool’s website .

Once installed, we drag and drop the video that we want to cut or add it from the option offered by the application itself. Next, it will proceed with the scanning of the video and in a few seconds we will be shown the complete Handbrake interface with the video that we have just added. The next thing we have to do is go to the Dimenssions tab and that is where we will find the size of our video.

The Cropping option is the one that allows us to crop the area of ​​the video that we want, being able to customize it in indicating the exact pixels that we want to cut from the top, bottom, as well as left and right. From the Preview option that we find in the upper part of the interface, we can see the result before the cut is made.

When we have everything to our liking, all that remains is to indicate the path where we want the result video to be saved, something that we can indicate in the field that appears at the bottom, Save As, and finally click on the button Start Encode that appears in the options bar at the top. In a few seconds we will have the video with the indicated area cut out on the selected route.

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