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One of the programs that is not usually missing on our computer is a good multimedia player, with which we can watch movies and series and enjoy our favorite music. When choosing a player we must take into account that it meets certain requirements as it is capable of playing all kinds of formats and having a good number of additional functionalities. Therefore, today we are going to talk about a multimedia player for Windows called Parma Video Player.

Parma Video Player is a completely free audio and video player for Windows 10. It is characterized by being able to reproduce a large number of formats of this type. For lovers of cinema and series in original version, also comment that it supports the reproduction of subtitles in srt format, allowing us to find the most suitable for the video that we are going to reproduce and allows us to open it from its storage on our device. In addition, we can configure it to adjust the delay of the subtitles with respect to the video.

This program is capable of finding all the movies and music files that we have hosted on our computer and that are inside folders and subfolders, allowing us to create playlists, as well as control different aspects related to viewing.

In the event that we have a laptop or a monitor with a touch screen, we must know that Parma Video Player includes support for touch controls, so we can slide through its interface comfortably as if we were using a mobile phone or a tablet. In addition, it is capable of converting both audio and video files, being compatible with formats such as MP4, HEVC, H.264, H.265, WMV, AVI, MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV and MP4A for your conversion.

Parma Video Player, one of many players

Once we run the application, we find its interface with a welcome message asking us to grant different permissions. The first is Add Location so you can access your device’s external memory to find videos and music. We can also choose to search for files on our devices, for this we must press the button Search videos & music. If we press it, the program will automatically search for songs and videos, a process that will only take a few seconds, although it all depends on the size of our hard drive and the number of files we have available.

An unattractive and unfriendly interface

Once finished, its main interface appears, which, to tell the truth, seems quite chaotic at first, and above all, very different from other players. It has hidden menus that appear when we pass the mouse pointer either at the bottom or the left part of the screen. At no time does it offer us the feeling of being well organized, but rather the opposite.

If we click on the three bars in the upper left, a drop-down menu appears, where we can see all the available files, only the videos or songs. We also find the option to convert, a button for settings, the possibility of removing ads with a payment of $ 4.99, as well as acquiring support to play HEVC files.

Convert audio and video between formats

One of its most outstanding functions is the possibility of converting the file we are listening to. The program will give us the option to choose if we want to carry out an audio or video conversion, choose the type of desired format, as well as the quality of the conversion (auto, high, medium or low). The higher the quality of the conversion, the more space it will also occupy on our hard drive. We will use the Preview tab to choose the path where the file will be stored and once all the details have been chosen, we will click on the Start conversion button to begin.

Make subtitle adjustments

Finally, we talk about its Settings section, which is focused on the reproduction of subtitles. From here we can manage both the speed of the video and the subtitle. It will also be possible to set a font size and if necessary a delay in the subtitles so that they fit in the best way with the video. In addition, it allows us to choose the color of the subtitle font. Finally, it has the Cache section, where we can delete the program’s cache to free up space.

Final conclusions about Parma Media Player

We can say that Parma Media Player is one of many multimedia players that we can find on the Internet. And it is that it does not stand out especially for any quality that deserves its use over other more popular options. Above all, because the distribution of the interface has not convinced us and it lacks useful additional functions such as compatibility with YouTube or Chromecast that if they have other free players. It is not a player that can be blindly recommended, although we can always give it a try if we are curious as it is completely free.

Parma Video Player free download

Parma Video Player is a multimedia player with which you can view videos and listen to music for free. We can download it directly from the Microsoft Store . By downloading from the Windows 10 application store, we ensure that we are facing a 100% safe download, free of viruses or any other type of malware. In addition, we do not ensure that the application is optimized and always receive the latest update without having to download the file again. It is currently available in Version .

Developer: mostafa ghafari

Alternatives to Parma Video Player

On the Internet we can find a wide variety of multimedia players to choose from. Most of them are free and have countless functions and features that will make us enjoy the best experience. That is why we present you some alternatives to Parma Video Player with which to be able to hit safely.


It is the most popular and used media player today. It is characterized by being compatible with practically any audio and video format. It is a very complete player that also has additional functions such as format conversion, downloading YouTube videos, taking screenshots, creating a remote control web server and playing videos wirelessly on our computer through Chromecast. We can download it for free from  here .


It is one of the best multimedia players for Windows and Linux. It stands out for being very easy to use and that it has a wide list of options to play our videos without complications. It also allows us to play videos on television using Chromecast and is compatible with various subtitle formats. We can download it  from this link.


One of the multimedia players that has grown the most over time is PotPlayer. It stands out for being very versatile and being compatible with the most popular audio and video formats. Another feature to highlight is its memory effect, which will allow you to remember the exact point where we stopped watching a video so that we can continue whenever we want. We can download it from its official website .

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