Easily use your xbox or playstation controller on kodi

In addition to working, video conferencing or surfing the Internet, today’s PCs are useful in many other modes of operation. Among these we can highlight everything related to the gaming sector, the PC platform more than capable in many cases. That is precisely why we are going to teach you how to use an Xbox or PlayStation controller on Kodi .

It is something that most of you will already know in advance, and that is that when we talk about Xbox or PlayStation, we are referring to two of the great references in the world of consoles. Each model, one from Microsoft and the other from Sony, has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. There are those that focus only on one of the platforms, there are those that prefer to cover both, adding others such as Nintendo, for example.

But here we are not going to get into discussions about which one is better, or which one we should choose. Here we are going to see how to use the corresponding native command of each one of them, in a software of the popularity of Kodi. This, as you can imagine, will allow us to control the interface of the multimedia center itself, in addition to playing within the program as such. It is worth mentioning that this is one of the features that we can find natively from the most recent version of Kodi, we refer to Kodi 19 Matrix .

Ways to connect an Xbox or PlayStation controller to Windows

Specifically, here we are going to talk about how to use an Xbox or PlayStation controller on your Windows computer. To do this, as you can imagine, the first thing we need is to connect the external device to the equipment itself. Well, this is something we can do in two ways. As with so many other hardware components that we can use on a Windows computer, in this case we can do it via USB, or via Bluetooth .

This, in addition to using the remote as such in Kodi, which is what interests us in this particular case, will serve us much more. So we can play our favorite titles on the PC platform, directly with the command of one of these two consoles.

For example, to do it via Bluetooth, we just have to turn on the remote with which we want to interact, and go to the Windows Settings application. We achieve this with the Win + I key combination and then we go to Devices / Bluetooth and other devices. Here we just have to click on the Add Bluetooth or other device section and select one of the three options that appear.

At that moment the Redmond system will start the search so that we can add the corresponding command to the team and use it here. Say that if we connect it using a cable, the process is even simpler. Once the system recognizes it, it will install the corresponding drives, and everything is ready.

Set up your Xbox or PlayStation controller to Kodi

But to be able to use it in the Kodi media center, we have to take a few more steps to make the most of it. It is more than likely that this is a program that will be more than known to most of you, software that we can download from here . Well, once we have it downloaded and installed, we put it into operation like any other program.

In the main interface that appears on the screen at first, we find a multitude of functions and options that we can use. However, the one that interests us the most in this particular case is the program’s configuration button. This is the one that is shaped like a sprocket and sits at the top of the main interface .

In the next window that we find, we click on the access called System and which is located in the lower right corner.

How to use the Xbox controller in the Kodi software

If we focus on the device that belongs natively to the Microsoft console, let’s say that using it on Kodi is easier than with its competitor. And it is that from the outset the multimedia center itself is prepared so that we can interact with the Xbox controller without having to do anything else.

This is something that we can see in the aforementioned System section, by clicking on Input in the left pane of the window. Here we just have to click on the access Configure the connected controllers.

At that precise moment we can see that a command from the aforementioned Microsoft console appears on the screen, which is the one that is configured by default . Now we will no longer have to configure it by pressing the corresponding buttons as the program requests it, it’s that simple. From that moment on, we can use this remote in the Kodi software.

How to use the Play controller on Kodi

As we mentioned before, in the case of using the PlayStation controller on Kodi, the process is a little more complex, but not much. In this case, as it is not active by default on the screen where we see the Xbox controller, we will have to add it by hand. To do this, all we have to do is click on the Get more… button on the right side of the window.

Here you will see a list with a good number of additional controls compatible with the multimedia program. Therefore, in the case at hand, we opted for the PlayStation DualShock to be added. After a few seconds, as happened with the Xbox controller, we can start configuring the newly added Sony console.

Therefore, once the buttons and controls are configured , we will have the PlayStation console at our disposal, available to use on Kodi.

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