Easily remove the background from any photo with thess programs

Most of us use photos on a regular basis, either on our PC or on mobile devices. What’s more, with the phones that we have today and that we always carry with us, we can achieve really interesting results. And it is necessary to take into consideration that these multimedia elements have become basic at the moment.

The photographs we take, or those of others, are used in all kinds of environments and types of use, both professional and more domestic. Hence the increasing importance of knowing how to use an application that is capable of dealing with them. This is the case that we are going to talk about in these same lines. Whether they are more advanced or basic, the appropriate thing in these cases is that we use an application, web or local, to improve, adapt or correct those images .

Well, in this case we are going to focus on a type of modification that at first might seem within the reach of only professionals. Specifically, we refer to the possibility of eliminating the background of any photograph that we upload. However, largely thanks to today’s technology, this is something that almost everyone can do. This is due to internal techniques that some applications use to achieve this.

Web applications to remove background from photos

What’s more, in these moments this type of task can be carried out through some useful free web applications, as we will see. This allows us not to have to download anything on the PC. Thus, this type of task can be very useful if we want to change the current background to a blank one.

It may also be the case that we need to extract certain elements from the same image with which we are working. Therefore, to achieve this, the first thing we must do is eliminate that background that is bothering us, and then better outline certain objects in the image as such. Therefore, below we are going to talk about a series of web applications of this type. That is, online programs that focus on making it easier for us to remove the backgrounds from the photos.

BgEraser, remove any background in seconds

We are going to start with an interesting proposal that, as we mentioned, is responsible for eliminating the background of our photographs. This website allows us to use photos of up to 2000 x 2000 points as long as we register on the platform for free. Once the photo is uploaded as such, the process is carried out in a few seconds, after which it offers us the possibility of downloading it already clean in the background. To do this, it uses the deep learning method whereby it will analyze and verify a photo to remove the focus and improve the overall workflow.

The main advantage of BgEraser is that it is a very simple application to use, so it is suitable for all users, does not require the download of any program and offers great results. As a drawback, it is necessary to know that the images should not exceed 700 x 700 resolution points, which limits us a bit, although it can be solved by registering for free.

To access this platform we can do it from this link .

RemoveBg, compatible with funds and tools

Another interesting alternative of the same type is found with RemoveBg. The operation in this case is quite similar, since at first we only have to drag or load the original photograph. This website is characterized by incorporating tools and complements compatible with some of the most popular design programs, e-commerce sites and computer environments. We can easily obtain a transparent background from any image in a matter of seconds.

One of the strengths of this page is that the extraction of the fund is carried out immediately. In addition, we can download the resulting file in high quality or low resolution to our liking. In contrast, the web has an export limit of 500 x 500 pixels as its main weak point.

In order to prove this that we tell you, we can achieve it from this same link .

Clipping Magic, cuts images with precision thanks to its AI

Another interesting alternative in this same sense, we find it with the web application that Clipping Magic proposes. Here we find another proposal of the same type that helps us eliminate the background of the photographs. In this case, in addition to being able to directly drag the image as such, it also allows us to add a URL to deal directly with images from the internet. This is something that can be very useful on many occasions.

But that’s not all, since this proposal, once the elimination process is carried out, presents us with an integrated image editor . As you can imagine, this, although simple, allows us to perform some basic retouching tasks on the resulting photograph. So we can improve even more and adapt it to our needs. Of course, as a negative point, to say that the platform, in its free plan, adds a watermark to the resulting photo.

We will be able to test all this that we have told you about Clipping Magic from here.

Remove background, crop and remove any background in seconds

Now we are going to talk about another alternative similar to those mentioned above, but with some significant differences. Then, as in the rest, we only have to drag the photograph in question with which we are going to work. We say that in this case the work is a little different, because it is not automatic. It is we ourselves who, from an integrated editor, will have to select and adjust the object that we want to extract from the photo to eliminate the remaining background .

For this we find a series of functions that help us in all this. Therefore this program is a little more complicated, more if we do not have much knowledge on the subject. We have a help video and we can also add a background color once the part that interests us has been extracted.

If we want to access Quitarfondo and try working with it, we can do it from this link .


Trace, instantly remove background from a photo for free

We now find another interesting website with which to delete funds. At first we will tell you that in this case we do not find the size limitations that we have seen in other proposals. Of course, as a negative point we can comment that to use it, we must register for the service. This is something that we can carry out, for example, through a Google account . Once this is done, we only have to load the image, and the process of removing the background is carried out automatically in a few seconds.

In addition to this, the web allows us to add color or image to a background to improve the results. Additionally, it includes a payment service that allows us to print our images on stickers, badges, coasters and more, so we have additional services in order to take advantage of the result of the improvements in our photography.

To start working with this proposal, the first thing we do is access the web application as such from this link .

Background Burner, delete backgrounds automatically

This is another proposal of the same type that in this case combines the automatic background erasure with the manual one. This is because once we have uploaded the original photo to the application, its automatic operation does not work as well as we would like. This is because it doesn’t remove the background cleanly like we’ve seen in other apps before. Thus, it proposes a couple of results, so that we can choose the one that interests us the most, and carry out some subsequent editing work . Therefore this application is not the most suitable for those who want to eliminate this background directly. In addition, we must bear in mind that the website is in English so it may be a handicap for some users.

In order to test all of this first-hand, it is something that we can do by accessing the Background Burner website from this link .

Online Photocissors,

In this case that we expose you here, several of the advantages that we have seen in other alternatives are shown. To begin with, we find that its use is free and does not need any registration. Therefore, after accessing its official website, we can now upload the original photograph . This web application supports formats such as JPG, PNG or WebP. It also supports a maximum image size of 10 Mb and a maximum image resolution of 4.2 megapixels.

Based on the tests we have carried out, the background erasing process automatically does it quite well and accurately. But yes, at the same time we will have the possibility of making some subsequent adjustments if it is not to our liking. For this we have a simple internal editor. Once the entire process is completed, we can download the results obtained to our computer using an image in JPG or PNG format.

If we want to try Online Photocissors first-hand, it will only be necessary to access its website .


To access the Fotofuze web application, the first thing we do is access its official website. Once in it, in this case to be able to use it we need to carry out a compulsory registration, although free. Then we can upload the image that we want to treat. Of course, unlike others, here the process is not automatic, since we will have to mark the entire area of ​​the image that we want to extract. After this, after a few seconds the application will create an album in our account with the final result. Say that here we can create several of these albums with photos without a background to use later.

We can access the Fotofuze website from this link .


Other programs and utilities

In the same way and for these tasks that we comment on, we can also use various applications and utilities that we use locally.

Background Eraser, erase the background just by dragging the file

This is the case of Background Eraser, an application that we install on our Windows computer and that belongs to the platform seen before BGEraser. In fact, its operation is very similar once we have downloaded and installed it from this link .

Thus, through the interface that it presents to us after its installation, we will have the possibility of dragging the contents to be treated. Once loaded, we mark it to start the process as such, something that will take a few seconds. Therefore, as we can see, its operation is very similar to what we saw previously. Once we have finished, a new window appears from which we download the resulting file .

Photoshop Plugin, to facilitate the work in the Adobe program

Relative to another of the proposals mentioned in web applications,, say that it has recently launched a proprietary plugin for Photoshop . We can use this in this popular photo editor from Adobe in order to eliminate the backgrounds of our photos directly from it. Say that those interested can get it from this link .

Despite the fact that Adobe’s own program presents us with some of its own functions to carry out these tasks, this plugin tries to make our work easier. Of course, when the process is carried out automatically, the results will not be the same as when we do it manually.

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