Do you want to convert to webp image to jpg or png? Use these apps or websites

Any user who works regularly with the computer will know different types of images. There are several that are very popular such as JPG or PNG that offer images with a very small size, but with worse quality than formats such as TIFF that are larger images. With regard to its use in social networks, the WebP format appears and it came to replace formats such as JPG, GIF or PNG. However, there are image editors or browsers that do not support this form of WebP image.

WebP is a low loss compressed image format developed by Google in 2010, created to replace more traditional formats. These images exported in WebP can be up to 45% smaller talking even your transparency channel. In this way, more efficient images are obtained and that helps to improve loading during web browsing, especially considering the large number of images that are usually displayed regularly.

However, ten years later, this format has not been able to reach the use and popularity of JPG or PNG, which means that few programs are capable of converting a WebP image into other more popular formats. That is why we are going to see the best applications and websites to carry it out.

Programs to convert Webp to JPEG or PNG

Paint, the Windows classic is good for everything

The popular Paint application that is integrated into Windows 10 has the ability to open WebP files, at the same time that it is capable of converting it into other image formats, among which are the most popular such as JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF. For this we will only have to open the WebP image and then click on «File» and finally on «Save as». Next, we must select the format to which we are going to convert and save it. Although the WebP format is compatible with transparencies, they are lost when converting to PNG with Paint, due to the little support that the format has.

Gimp, the alternative to Photoshop also converts WebP

This popular free and open source image editing application comparable to Photoshop, also allows us to convert WebP images to other image formats such as JPG and PNG. To do this we must open our WebP file and then click on «Export as». Once we can perform all kinds of editing actions if necessary. Next, we can choose from a wide list of formats, we select the one we want and click on “Export.” As it is an image editing tool, it is not recommended for new users who only require the ability to convert images.

You can download GIMP for free from the developer’s website .

XnView, a viewer capable of converting WebP images

It is one of the most popular image viewers, which in addition to having some editing functions is also capable of converting from the WebP format to more common ones such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, PCX, among others. Carrying out the process is very simple, as we will only have to click on «File» and «Open» to load our file. Later we can edit it from the program. Once finished, we click on «File» again and select «Export». Next, a new window will appear where we must choose the format to which we are going to convert, the quality and the color mode among other actions. We will click on «Save» to select where we want to locate the new converted file.

You can try XnView for free to convert WebP images by clicking  on this link.

Romeolight WebPconv, image conversion tool

It is a desktop tool with which we can convert WebP images to JPG. It has both an installable and portable version . To begin we must click on the “DECODE” tab and then click on the “three horizontal stripes” that we find in the upper right part. Now we go to the “DECODING OPTION” option and choose the desired format (JPG, PNG, etc). Next, we click on the plus icon (+) and select the WebP image of our computer and click on the «Play» button. Once this is done, a new folder will appear on our desktop with the converted image. Although the process is fast, it is somewhat less simple than other similar applications.

You can download Romeolight WebPconv for free from its website .

XnConvert, convert WebP images to multiple formats

It is a fast, powerful and free multiplatform batch image converter for personal use, with an installable and a portable version. With this application we can convert our WebP file into JPG, PNG, as well as other formats. The first thing to do is click on the “Input” tab and select the “Add files” button and choose our WebP file. Next, we click on the “Output” tab and select the format to which we want to convert, for example, JPG, in the “Format” drop-down list. Finally, we click on the «Convert» button, located at the bottom right so that the program will take care of the conversion.

You can download XnConvert for free, to convert all your WebP files to other formats, from the developer’s website .

Websites to convert WebP to JPG or PNG

Image-convert, editing and conversion of WebP images

It is a very simple to use web application that will allow us to convert the WebP format into PNG, JPG, PDF, GIF, SVG, among others. The process is as easy as clicking on “Select files” and uploading the WebP image to the platform. It is also possible to load it from our Dropbox account or by including the URL . Before doing the conversion we can make some internal adjustments, such as adjusting the quality of the image, the color or its size. Once finished, click on the “Start conversion” button to carry out the process. Once the process is finished, we can download the file, download the file as a compressed file, upload it to the cloud.

If you want to use Image-convert for free to convert your WebP images to other formats, go to its official website .

EZGIF, convert files or WebP links

It is a tool that allows us to convert files from one format to another, so we will have no problems transferring WebP images to JPG OR PNG. The process is as easy as clicking on the “Select file” button, choosing it from our computer (maximum 35 MB), clicking on “Upload” and waiting for it to load. It is also possible to do it, inserting the URL of the image in the “OR paste image url” section. Once the file is uploaded, it will show us different editing options, such as cropping, rotating, resizing or choosing the image quality. To convert the file we must click on «Convert to JPG».

If you want to convert the WebP format into JPG or PNG using EZGIF, you can do so by accessing their website .

Convertio, supports WebP files up to 100MB

It is a complete web tool with which we can convert any WebP image into an Image format (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc), Document (PDF, DOC, XPS, etc), Electronic Book (EPUB, PDB, AZW3, etc), Font (PS), Vector (SVG, PS, AI, etc) or CAD (DXF). The process is as simple as clicking on the button Select the files and we indicate to which format we want to convert. When selecting the file, it can have a maximum size of 100 MBwithout registering and we can select it from our own hard drive, in a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. It is also possible to convert the file by inserting its URL. Once loaded, click on the «Convert» button and the download button for the converted image will appear. As a negative aspect, indicate that this website does not have an editor.

Convert your WebP files to JPG or PNG with Convertio by clicking on this link .

Zamzar, 1200 supported file types

It is an online file converter that allows users to convert files without downloading any programs to our computer and supports more than 1,200 different types of conversion. Among its wide range of options, it has the possibility of converting WebP files to JPG or PNG . To do this, it will only be necessary to drag the file to its interface, admitting a maximum of 50 MB. Later we select the format to which we want to convert. Now we just have to click on the “Converter Now” button. Once the conversion is finished, we can download the file or send it to us electronically.

To convert our files with Zamzar for free, simply access their website by clicking on this link .

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