Change the look of the vlc player to your liking on windows

Years ago the computer was a device mainly related to the professional world and to work. But times have changed a lot in the world of technology. That is why now we can also play games, watch VLC movies , chat with people from all over the world, etc.

That is why current hardware manufacturers try to adapt to the needs of the majority in all kinds of modes of use. Thus, at this time the PC can be used for multiple tasks, not only related to the world of work. This is something that you have probably experienced first-hand on many occasions. But of course, not only the component manufacturers that we referred to earlier come into play here. And it is that software developers, as is evident, also have a lot to say in this regard.

These are the ones that actually make it possible for us to enjoy our multimedia content, play games, etc. in the best way possible . For this they put at our disposal a huge number of programs and platforms that are of enormous help to us. Moreover, on many occasions these software solutions have no cost, which will always be appreciated by the majority. Well, in these lines we want to focus on one of the most used programs in the world at the moment. As you can imagine, we want to focus on the world of leisure. Specifically in everything related to the reproduction of video and audio content.

Therefore, most of those who use the computer to watch their favorite movies and series or to listen to music, have installed the program called VLC. As many of you probably know, this has been a very popular software for a long time. In fact, we can install it on a multitude of devices, operating systems and platforms, to use it without problems. What’s more, as you have surely already seen over the years, the VLC Media Player has not stopped growing and improving.

Advantages presented by the VLC player

Among the many reasons why most users opt for this particular software, we can highlight that it is packed with functions and features . As is easy to imagine, these only increase the versatility and modes of use of the program as such. Thus, among other things, this is a software that has managed to be among the most used of its kind in the world. Another of the strengths that it presents is that it does everything that most people need from this type of application when enjoying their videos and music.

In fact at this point we could say that it is one of the essentials in most Windows computers for a long time. This is largely due to its open source nature and its ability to reproduce basically anything. And it is that it is compatible with practically all multimedia files of the moment, something in which it does not stop updating.

At the same time we must bear in mind that despite the fact that VLC is a very attractive software, both internally and externally, it also has customization functions.

We tell you all this because perhaps some of you, especially those who make extensive use of the program, want to customize its interface a bit. This will really allow us to adapt it to your tastes and needs and thus use the program better. Keep in mind that in addition to the large number of functionalities that VLC has, it also incorporates some features related to customizing its appearance. In fact, we want to focus on precisely this below.

How to customize the VLC interface to our liking

Therefore we are going to take a look at how to adjust the VLC interface to our liking in a simple way and in a few steps. The first thing we are going to do is, in order to access these customization options, start the program normally. Once we have started it, we look at the menu at the top of the main window, so we click on Tools.

Next we click on the Customize interface option that we find here, after which we will see that a total of four tabs appear . These actually refer to the elements of the program that we are going to have the possibility to adjust. Specifically, these are the so-called Main Toolbox, Time Control, Advanced Control and Full Screen Toolbox.

At the top of each of the windows, we see a sample of the component that we are going to deal with in that specific tab. Therefore to edit the initial appearance of VLC we simply drag the objects that appear at the bottom. For example, in the Main Toolbox tab, we can add new elements in the sections Line 1 and Line 2.

In the same way, we will have the possibility of adding spaces between the different controls that we relocate in this section. The Preview window located on the right side of the interface will also be of great help. This allows us to see first-hand and in real time how the changes will look once we have confirmed them.

Other sections to customize VLC

At this point and since we are involved in this design task, we can move through the four tabs mentioned above. This will allow us to carry out this same interface redesign for each VLC operating mode .

In this way, once we have finished customizing the VLC interface, we click the Close button. At that moment all the changes made will be applied and we can check how the new player interface has been. Of course, say that you can immediately have several of these previously saved designs. This is achieved thanks to the fact that we have the possibility to create and save various design profiles . That is an option that we find in the upper part of the window, in Select profile.

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