Alternatives to procreate for painting in windows 10

Of course, no one would think of using Paint to make illustrations or freehand drawing. Today there are infinitely more powerful and professional applications than Microsoft’s drawing software that come with a large number of brushes and tools to create all kinds of compositions. One of the applications preferred by users due to its large number of tools, its intuitive design, its performance and its professional results is Procreate. If you have ever been interested in drawing applications you have surely gone through it. However, this application has a huge limitation that leaves a large number of users out, and that is that it is only available for iPad.

Procreate is an excellent application and, in addition, it has an excellent quality / price, since, unlike Photoshop, to be able to get hold of this application we only have to make a single payment of 10 dollars and, from then on, we can use it as unlimited way.

However, not all users want to use an iPad to draw. And is that a good computer is a much more powerful work tool than the Apple tablet. Fortunately, although we cannot use Procreate in Windows, there are several excellent alternatives to this tool that will allow us to use our computer to draw and illustrate like a professional.

All these applications can be used without problem with a mouse. However, if we want professional results then we must use a digitizing tablet . All of these alternatives to Procreate are compatible with most of the current models on the market.

Best Free Procreate Alternatives

If what we are looking for are applications to retouch photos, then we must look for other more specific applications. The ones that we are going to see next are mainly for drawing and, in addition, they are free.

Krita, the best free option

Within the world of OpenSource, one of the best alternatives to Procreate that we can find to draw from Windows is Krita. This is one of the most advanced applications that we are going to find for Windows, at the height of most commercial alternatives in terms of tools, functions and benefits.

Krita has a very easy-to-use interface. All of it is customizable so that each user can adapt and adjust it according to their tastes and needs. It has a color palette that we can show and hide very easily from the canvas, stabilizers for pencils and brushes and very advanced brush engines for professional results. In addition, it also supports layered editing and has support for the full range of colors.

We can download Krita for free from the following link .

Autodesk SketchBook, the most widely used Procreate alternative

This second alternative to Procreate is also widely used, especially within the professional field, since it is related to AutoCad as it is from the same developers (AutoDesk). This tool has all the functions and features that any artist may need, as well as having a very easy interface to learn even for new users. The interface and tools can be controlled by gestures, which speeds up work and helps save time.

SketchBook wants to offer users the most natural drawing experience possible along with a large collection of professional tools. Support for layers and an animation book are also some of the features that users like the most of this tool.

This application is free for personal use, although if we are going to use it for professional purposes we will have to go through the checkout. We can download it from the following link .

MyPaint, paint without distractions

If you want to draw without distractions, this is one of the main features of MyPaint. This application has been designed to offer users a full screen canvas on which to work without being distracted by the other elements of the program. This tool allows us to show the canvas on the screen while we are drawing, and only show the tools menu when we really want and need it.

This drawing tool comes standard with a large collection of brushes that are very easy to use, and without complicated settings, to be able to choose the right brush for each stroke that we have to give in our compositions.

We can download MyPaint from the following link .

GIMP, editing software with which to draw

Finally, within the free drawing applications, we could not stop talking about GIMP. Although in reality this application is not as focused on artistic drawing as the previous ones, but rather an editing software such as Photoshop, it has a large number of tools and functions that allow users to also work comfortably with it to draw.

We can download GIMP from the following link .

Paint.NET, developed to be the successor to Paint

Another of the best known alternatives of this type is found in the popular Paint.NET. This is a program that has been with us for a good number of years offering its useful services. Surely many of you will find it more than familiar, although it has nothing to do with the Paint that is included in Windows, at least today. Among its many functions, it presents us with the possibility of drawing on a PC based on the Redmond system. It is worth mentioning that initially its developers created this program to be the successor to the mythical Paint .

However, in the end it has remained as an independent program for retouching and drawing tasks, with enough success, by the way. Actually we refer to a free software solution that offers everything necessary for any user who wants to enter this sector. This allows us to make our own drawings, or edit photos at a basic level, for which it offers us a large number of options and tools. Say that and even supports the use of plugins to add more versatility. To download it you can do it from this link .

Fresh Paint, ideal for children and advanced users

This application has been developed to satisfy the needs of all types of users. It can be used from young children who want to be able to draw and color to adults who need an advanced tool to make their creations. It has a wide set of tools such as graphite pencils, watercolors and brushes, each with different dimensions, with which to make all kinds of drawings.

Its main characteristic is that its tools stand out for having a realistic effect that will give us a feeling similar to that of a drawing table, making it ideal for those users who go from painting on paper to digital. Each tool behaves like real paint or pencil strokes on paper. This will allow us to unleash our creativity, obtaining original and real results with which to enjoy our creations. We can download Fresh Paint for free from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Professional paid alternatives for drawing on Windows 10

If we need drawing applications intended for professionals, we present some payment options that we have available for Windows 10.

MediBang Paint, one of the most complete for comics

If for some reason we are not convinced by the free alternatives, we can always turn to a paid drawing application for Windows. One of the best known Procreate alternatives is MediBang Paint . This application is positioned as one of the most complete to make comics and all kinds of illustrations from our computer.

This drawing tool is characterized by having a large number of brushes and drawing tools. In addition, it also has a large number of functions designed to facilitate the creation of comics and manga, free fonts and even functions for cloud synchronization and collaborative drawing.

We can download and buy this tool from the following link . The free version is limited in features. If we want to take full advantage of it, we must buy the full version.

PaintTool SAI, draw easily with professional results

Another paid drawing tool for Windows is PaintTool SAI . This tool is mainly focused on allowing artists to create new drawings easily, and with professional results, on their computer.

This application is very light (to be used on any PC) and has very useful and interesting tools, such as support for any digitizing tablet, an anti-aliasing engine and a very simple and customizable interface so that each artist can feel as comfortable as possible when working with this app.

We can download PaintTool SAI from the following link . Of course, for this we will have to pay the license of the program, a one-time license of $ 49.

Clip Studio Paint, designed for the creation of comics and manga

Yet another alternative for drawing in Windows is Clip Studio Paint . This application is heavy especially for the creation of comics and manga, being one of the most used for this purpose. It has a large number of drawing and color tools for any hobbyist or professional user to feel comfortable with it.

It has tools of all kinds, such as layers, rulers and the possibility of adjusting colors, tones and textures to be able to create compositions as professional as possible.

We can download Clip Studio Paint from the following link .

Adobe Photoshop, editing software with drawing capabilities

Within the category of free applications we will talk about GIMP, within the paid applications we will talk about Photoshop. This is one of the most powerful applications that we can find and, although it is more an editing and retouching software than a software for artistic drawing, it can also be used for this purpose.

Photoshop has a large number of pencils and brushes (in addition to being able to install the ones we want) and is compatible with all kinds of external accessories, such as digitizing tablets, so starting from a blank canvas we will be able to draw freely with total precision. The editing tools that Photoshop offers us, together with its layers, will allow us to give a professional finish to our paintings.

Adobe Photoshop is paid, and also by subscription. We can see the plans to choose the one that best suits our needs from the following link .

Corel Painter, one of the best commercial drawing programs

Corel Painter is another of the best commercial programs that we can find to replace Procreate in Windows 10. This software allows us to create works of art by rasterizing our brushstrokes with great precision to practically simulate traditional methods of drawing and engraving. It is intended both for amateur users who like to draw and for professional environments.

We can download this drawing software from here .

Leonardo, one of the tools most similar to Procreate

Leonardo’s main goal is to become one of the best drawing apps for Windows. And it is very close to achieving it. This software is another of the most faithful alternatives to Procreate, since it has a very neat and customizable interface, which gives us a fast workflow and incredible speed. The program has a great variety of tools of all kinds and a canvas, divided into layers, that will allow us to unleash our imagination and paint in the most similar way to how we would do it on a real paper or canvas.

We can download Leonardo from his website .

ArtRage, spectacular and intuitive application for drawing

It is a bitmap graphics editor for digital painting created by Ambient Design Ltd, whose main protagonist is the canvas. The tools that are part of ArtRage are located along the edges in elegant panels that can be hidden with a click to avoid being distracted while we paint. The application has all kinds of brushes (which we can modify according to their hardness, humidity and pressure), pencils, waxes, markers, oil paints, etc. It also has a ruler, a putty knife, and an eraser . We also find a wheel where all the available colors are located

Its way of using it is very intuitive and each tool responds in an excellent way. That is why it is one of the most outstanding drawing and painting programs, especially valued by those users who have decided to go from traditional to virtual painting. And, the program is so realistic that it will allow us to mix paintings directly from the canvas, or use the small spatula on a drawing. Currently, its price is $ 47.

We can buy and download ArtRage from here .

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