Adjust and normalize the sound of your mp3s for free with thess programs

Currently the most popular and used audio format is MP3, both for use on computers, mobile phones or other devices that we use to listen to our favorite music. Its main problem is that these files have been created and encoded in different ways, so their quality and volume can vary considerably, something that we will notice when it comes to playing them.

The way in which we can obtain our MP3 files are various, so it is likely that the way in which they have been encoded are different. This can affect not only the quality of the audio track but also its volume. It is certainly quite annoying to have to manually adjust the volume when we go from song to song. That is why today we are going to talk about audio normalization and what programs we can use for it.

What is normalizing audio?

If we are users who like to listen to MP3 music, it is likely that on more than one occasion we will have noticed how the quality and volume of each file varies depending on its encoding, which causes us to have to adjust the volume between the tracks due to to that they have different degrees of loudness. To help solve this problem, there are programs with which we can perform a normalization of the audio, so that all the MP3s that are part of the same playlist are played at the same volume and it is not necessary to have to adjust it manually between song and song.

Programs to normalize the volume of MP3s

If we are looking for a program that allows us to normalize the volume of our entire collection of MP3 files, we will tell you which are the most recommended that we should try.

Mp3Louder, reinforce and improve the volume of your MP3

It is a web application through which we can increase or decrease the volume level of our audio files in MP3 format. This website will be in charge of modifying them so that we can hear them loudly or softly, reinforcing and improving the volume of the files directly from our browser, configuring some simple parameters for this. It will only be necessary to upload our file and select if we want to increase or decrease the volume, indicate the number of decibels and the channels. Few seconds later, we will be able to download the new improved song in MP3. Its main disadvantage is that it does not allow us to work with several files at the same time.

To start using MP3Louder for free, just go to its website .

Audacity, the most popular free audio editor

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular free audio editors, with which we can normalize the audio of our MP3s, among other functions. From its interface we can record, mix audio clips, add filters and equalizers, as well as normalize. To do this, it ensures that all the frequencies that make up the audio clip are raised to a certain decibel level. In this way, all files will have a uniform volume level eliminating spikes or drops in volume.

Audacity is a completely free open source multitrack audio editor and recorder in Spanish, which we can download from this link .

MP3Gain, analyzes and normalizes the volume of each MP3

This program has been developed to analyze and normalize the volume of all the MP3s that we want, without causing a loss of sound quality . It is a fairly long-lived and well-known open source application that is completely free. This software will firstly perform an analysis of each of the songs and once finished we can decide if we want to apply the changes that it presents. Its main advantage is that it offers us the possibility of working with several files simultaneously for later adjustment. Of course, the conversion process is quite slow.

To normalize the audio of your MP3s with MP3Gain, just download it for free from its website .

Lastar, ideal for live recordings

This free application allows us to normalize the volume of a large number of MP3 files in batches at the same time, since it has a multitude of functions for editing them. This program is responsible for the normalization of the loudness that is carried out in the signal strength, which causes a higher and more homogeneous result, especially in live recordings. With it we can use it to divide, equalize and normalize analog tapes or digitized vinyl, being able to divide, equalize and normalize live recordings from microphones, performing a fast and homogeneous normalization of a collection of files.

We can download Lastar for free directly from the developer’s website .

Kanto Audio Mix, complete editor with volume normalizer function

This program has functions of audio editor, assembler, splitter, converter and voice eliminator. It has been designed for music lovers who want to have full control over their MP3, MIDI and KAR files. With this application we can change the key, volume, speed of the audio track, etc. That is why we can use it to improve the quality of our songs by modifying the audio equalizer and improve the quality of the audio by changing the frequency response of the songs, such as bass and treble. In addition, we can extract the audio tracks from a video file.

If you want to normalize the sound of your MP3 songs with Kanto Audio Mix, just download it for free from this link .

Sound Normalizer, improves and normalizes the sound volume

This is a tool developed to improve the sound quality of our audio files. It is compatible with a wide variety of formats including MP3. The program is in charge of analyzing the files, showing the volume level, the distribution of the sound and the properties of the format. That is why we can use it to improve, reduce, level and restore the volume and size of our audio files. The normalization of the volume is carried out by means of the MP3 normalizer, showing the volume level by means of a graphical format using the percentage value in decibels.

Download Sound Normalizer for free from its website .

MP3TrueEdit, change the volume or normalize any part of the audio

With this program we can edit all our MP3 or AAC files without loss of quality. With it we can change the volume or normalize any part of the audio of our songs, allowing us to change the tone of the playback and the time. Editing is done quickly without the need to decompress and recompress the audio, so there is no loss of quality. It is also possible to easily remove the parts that interest us from an audio recording, as well as create our own ringtones.

Use MP3TrueEdit to normalize the sound of your MP3s by downloading it from this link.

MP3DirectCut, normalizes and sets the sound volume

It is an audio editing program , with which in addition to normalizing the volume of our MP3s, we can also cut different parts between them and join them with one another, add the typical soft volume rises and endings (fade-in and fade -out), as well as the possibility of recording in real time . Therefore, we are facing a very practical tool, which will allow us to carry out tasks in batches and with little use of resources from our system. Its main drawback is that it lacks advanced sound functions so it can be a bit short for certain users.

We can download MP3DirectCut directly from the developer’s website by clicking on this link .

Foobar2000, player with volume normalization function

This popular audio player also has among its features the “Replay Gain” function to normalize the volume of the songs. This will be very useful when we have a list of songs where the volume is not homogeneous, which causes us to have to constantly adjust the volume. With the “Replay Gain” function, the player itself takes care of normalizing the volume of all the songs in the list. In addition, it also includes full Unicode support, allowing you to edit track names and tags.

Foobar2000 is a completely free application that we can download from its website .

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