Why won’t my Apple Watch turn on or charge and how to fix it?

It is important to note that if the watch has been completely downloaded these icons will not appear immediately. If the Apple Watch does not react, that is, does not turn on and heats up , something may be wrong. So here are some reasons that generate the failure and how to solve it.

What to do if your Apple Watch won’t turn on or charge?

If you connect your Apple Watch to the power and after a while it still does not take charge, try following these tips to find a solution. If your Apple Watch is new and does not charge or turn on, check if you have correctly removed the plastic from the iWatch charger. It may seem very obvious, but it is a fairly common mistake.

Another reason may be that the charger or the back of the Apple Watch is dirty. If this is the case, the connection between the two may fail. Wipe them properly with a soft, dry cloth and try charging again.

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If the above method didn’t work for you, try restarting your smartwatch. For this you have to press the side button until it gives you the option to turn off the device. If your Apple Watch does not react, you can force a restart by pressing and holding the side button and the Digital Crown for a few seconds or until you see Apple’s apple on the screen.

If you followed all the tips and your Apple Watch still does not turn on or charge, this failure may be due to some component of the smartwatch.

Major faults if your Apple Watch won’t turn on or charge

The most common problems when charging the Apple smart watch is that either the charger is damaged, or that the battery is not working properly.

What to do if the battery is not working well?

If the fault is in the battery of the Apple Watch, it is possible that the device does not charge well, that it does not turn on, that, even connected to the power, the battery level does not rise or that it shuts down randomly.

If the problem persists, the battery may swell, which would lead to further damage to the device. The solution for this is to go immediately to change the battery of your Apple Watch in a specialized technical service.

Some tips to maximize the battery life of your Apple Watch are: keep the operating system of the device always updated, optimize the device and activate the battery saving mode and keep it connected to your mobile via Bluetooth.

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What to do if the charger fails?

If, on the contrary, it is the charger that is failing and for this reason your Apple Watch does not turn on or charge, the first thing to do is check if it is correctly connected to the watch. To avoid this type of problem, manufacturers always advise using original parts to charge your Apple Watch.

If it is in the charger where the fault is found, it is best to change it. You can try using a magnetic cable charger or a different power adapter. You can get all the original parts at your nearest Apple Store or order them online from the official Apple website.

And voila, with that you know everything you need about your problem and how to solve it. As final tips, always try to delete old backups that take up space, and try to disable the always-on screen .

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