Why does my mobile or Alcatel cell phone stay frozen or on the logo? – Revive Alcatel

If you are looking for a reason why your Alcatel mobile is frozen in the logo, you have come to the ideal place. We are going to show you the reasons why that happens, but we will also tell you how you can fix your phone in case this happens.

This problem can have several reasons, that is why we also want to provide you with extensive information with some tricks and recommendations in order to avoid that your cell phone remains frozen in the logo.

To talk about the reason why an Alcatel cell phone is frozen in the camera, first it is very important to keep in mind that this failure is only at the beginning, that is, it only happens when you are turning on the mobile and after 15 seconds it is still in the logo .

The clarification is made since many users are often confused and think that when a cell phone is frozen in the logo, it is the same as when an application is stopped , but they are two very different aspects that have nothing to do with each other.

So, what is the reason why my Alcatel mobile is frozen in the logo? The answer does not mean that your mobile is damaged, this happens due to some software failure, that is, the software of your Alcatel phone needs to be updated. 

alcatel cell phone is frozen in the logo

There are high-end phones that automatically update themselves and avoid this problem, but there are cases in which the phones require a manual update, and when the equipment is turned on due to lack of that software update, the screen will freeze with the Alcatel logo.

If you have turned on the phone, but it got stuck on the Alcatel logo, remember that this does not mean that your mobile is damaged and you have lost it, it is only that it requires a software update, but so that you can revive it while you manage to do it that update you must do the following.

The first option you should try for your Alcatel phone to revive is to check if you have the option of removing the battery, if you can, you are going to remove the battery for 30 seconds, then place it and try to turn on the mobile.

The second option if you cannot remove the battery is to turn on the mobile using what is known as recovey or what is safe mode, to do that you will have to turn off the mobile, after it is off you have to turn it on but, of the Following way.

First you are going to have to press the power button, and then you have to press the volume down button. Which means that you are going to turn on the mobile by pressing power and volume down at the same time, this you are going to do until an option that says ‘hard reset’ appears on the screen, that is the option that must be selected.

Once that option is selected, the phone will restart, at that time it must revive and exit the frozen screen so that you can continue using your Alcatel mobile.   

If you want to prevent your Alcatel phone from being frozen in the logo when turning on, it is best to always be on the lookout for new software updates to avoid this problem. 

revive alcatel stays on the logo

 It is also advisable to free up space so that the phone works in a better way or optimize the device , because that makes the mobile work much better and without complications, but always keeping in mind that the main trick to keep the phone in optimal operation is the update of the software.

And if you managed to revive the phone with the recovery mode, you can continue using the phone but with the precaution of taking it as soon as possible with a technician who can make you the ideal software update to avoid being frozen again in the logo.

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