What is Gorilla Glass or tempered glass and why do phones have it? Advantages and differences between versions

The constant evolution of mobile devices has had a gigantic advance to the point that it has allowed both to implement new features and completely innovative and interesting qualities and to add new and sophisticated factors to their respective structure, thus creating much stronger and more durable terminals before some a very serious type of fall or blow.

Among these completely favorable characteristics we can name some interesting details such as the basic structure of the phone or the material with which it is made (This in some cases is created based on elements strong enough to avoid damage). But there is a very delicate factor that every mobile phone currently has, the screen.

The screen of today’s mobile devices covers almost 40% of the general structure of our terminal due to the fact that the vast majority of today’s terminals are completely tactile and some even have more implements with this function. Therefore, this factor is extremely important in the proper construction and development of a smartphone.

Faced with the imminent possibility of destroying our mobile device due to a fall at a time in which we are deconcentrated, different companies and companies put to work to create and develop a feasible solution to this fateful situation. This is how we introduce you to the renowned Gorilla Glass implementation.

mobile with tempered glass

Below we will tell you everything about this new and important technology used in all types of mobile devices and even in other objects more unrelated to this topic. Follow us and find out in depth all the data, information and details related to Gorilla Glass, as well as its advantages over other rivals or direct competitors.

What is Gorilla Glass and what does it offer us?

It is a product created by the Corning company which consists of a transparent synthetic material very similar to a glass crystal. Gorilla Glass is mostly used in terminals and mobile devices that have a screen or some touch function. This special crystal was created and launched on the market in 2008 which has gained significant fame in telephony.

Its great durability and protection against damage, bumps or even scratches made it the screen material chosen and predestined by a large number of companies and companies that created and developed mobile phones and tablets to such an extent that in mid-2010 Gorilla Glass covered about 25% of the market for screen glass for mobile devices.

Its point of worldwide recognition was such that Gorilla Glass came to be present in a little more than 200 million terminals, thus undoubtedly being one of the most used products in the creation of mobile phones and tablets in the world, without count its production in other areas and factors much further away from the telephony market. A resounding success.

What are all the versions released on the market that Gorilla Glass has?

Given its incredible impact on technology with its first presentation of glass for mobile device screens, Gorilla Glass was launching much more complex and improved versions than its first products. It is important to emphasize that one of the first devices that used this technology was the iPhone and therefore iOS was also the first operating system to include it.

screen with gorilla glass

With the passage of time, its market was opening and other important brands of great renown such as Android or Windows were little by little interested in the novelties that this innovative glass presented. Here are the latest models that Gorilla Glass presented to the market along with their qualities.

  • Gorilla Glass 2 (2012). Reduction of the thickness of the glass.
  • Gorilla Glass 3 (2013). New factors and materials that present a quality 3 times better than Gorilla Glass 3.
  • Gorilla Glass 4 (2015). Greater efficiency against any type of blow, damage or fall.
  • Gorilla Glass 5 (2016). It presented one of the most interesting options by ensuring protection against drops of 1.6 meters.
  • Gorilla Glass SR + (2016). Wrist terminals.
  • Gorilla Glass Victus (2020). Resistance to falls of 2 meters.

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