What happens if I connect a higher voltage charger to my laptop? Are universal chargers good?

Laptops are really necessary for our daily life, it requires energy to function, which will be provided by the charger which is an important device to supply electrical current in our devices.

It may happen that when using different chargers failures occur or that our laptop is damaged, for these reasons it is necessary to ask what happens if I connect a higher voltage charger to my laptop ? Are universal chargers good?

It is very important to know with what type of charger we can charge our device and if the one we have is suitable for it. For this reason we will be providing you with all the necessary information about the chargers, making your computer suffer damage.

What could happen if I connect a higher voltage charger to my laptop?

Mainly the voltage is all that physical magnitude that allows us to measure the different electrical potentials. Many devices are made to withstand different degrees of voltages, so manufacturers add information on the laptop and as on the charger, indicating the best voltage to charge the equipment, providing an increase in battery life , to use your laptop for more time.

The voltage is very important, because it corresponds to the force with which the electrons leave the charger. If the voltage is too high it causes a short circuit, because it will cause an overload.

Likewise, if the voltage difference is noticeable, the laptop could burn out and if the source has less amperage than that of the equipment consumption, it will endanger the source. Likewise, if a charger with less voltage than necessary is used, it will not work.

So if you use a charger with a high volt level that the laptop does not tolerate, it will be damaged, but if the charger has a high level but the voltages match the equipment then there will be no problem of it suffering any damage. 

more voltage charger to my laptop

For these reasons, it is necessary that you verify the voltage of the charger before connecting it to your computer. It can also happen that you connect a charger and your laptop does not charge , this problem will not be the fault mainly of the voltage, you will have to see different factors to repair this fault.

Are universal chargers good for my laptop?

It is very common that the chargers that our laptop comes with are damaged or lost and for this reason you have to opt for a more accessible and easy-to-find charger such as universal chargers.

It should be mentioned that if you can use a universal charger, but you have to be clear about different factors, one of these is to verify the type of connector, because not all are the same, there are cylindrical, closing and blocking and molex.

Check that it can enter the laptop correctly. If at any time you want to use one of these chargers and avoid any risk, you can buy a universal adapter , this will be very helpful when charging.

You have to pay attention to the quality, since these can be very cheap and for that reason a lot can be bad, the adapters that these have may not have been made in the best way, making them not last long as a charger would. well, also if the device is very poorly made it can cause problems for your team.

Achieving that a voltage that is not adequate is produced, so the best thing you can do is look for those that have the verification of insured laboratories and with a long guarantee period.

Other factors to consider before using a universal charger

A primary factor is to check the characteristics or specifications of your laptop , this is done to know the exact voltage that your computer needs to receive, since if you use the wrong one it can cause a great risk. 

universal chargers plus voltage laptop

By knowing the correct voltage, you can tell what type of charger to use. Always try to make sure that the charger is in good condition, try to keep the cable correctly connected to the power adapter.

 If it is not in good condition, it is best to eliminate its use. Also check the ferrite core, because it is usually the part of the charger that is most often damaged

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