How to turn off and activate the Apple Watch battery saving mode – Step by step

The worst enemy that a user has when using mobile devices is to see the notification that says low battery on the screen; and the situation gets worse when you don’t have the charger nearby. In this post we will show you, how to turn off and activate the Apple Watch battery saving mode?

How to turn off and activate the Apple Watch battery saving mode?

  • Activate:

  1. Place your finger on the screen of your watch and slide it from bottom to top ; to open the control center of your Apple Watch.
  2. Click on the option “Battery percentage”.
  3. Another window will open where you must click on the option “Save battery” (saving mode).
  4. Finally a warning will appear, you must press “Continue” (continue).

When the battery percentage of your Apple Watch reaches 10% it will send you an alert to activate the battery mode. When the charge is too low, the Apple Watch will automatically go into saving mode and you will know that this function has been activated because next to the time there will be a red lightning bolt icon.

If your watch is in battery mode it will only show you the time ; Because the Apple Watch will cut communication with the iPhone, then, you will not be able to access any function, you will only see the time.

  • Power off saving mode:

  1. Press the side button for a few seconds, until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  2. Your Apple Watch will restart.

Apple advises its users to charge their watch first.

If you need to use your watch at a specific time of the day and you don’t want the battery to drain; Activate the battery saving mode so that your watch’s battery does not drain quickly.

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Then you deactivate this function at the moment you want to use the device.

How should I charge my Apple Watch?

  1. Take off your watch. You should never attempt to charge the device while it is on your wrist.
  2. Connect the magnetic charging cable or magnetic charging dock, to the power adapter or to the USB cable; and then plug it in.
  3. If you are using the dock, place the back of your watch on the charger. Make sure the magnets on both devices line up correctly.
  4. If you use the magnetic charging cable; Verify that the green lightning bolt icon appears on the screen as a sign that the device is charging.
  5. During the time that your watch charges, it will enter table clock mode and before that you can activate airplane mode on your Apple Watch so that it charges without interruptions.

When you charge your device with the magnetic charger you must make sure that the surfaces are clean and aligned for the charge to be effective.

If your Apple Watch device is completely discharged; It may take a few seconds for the green lightning bolt icon to appear on the screen after connecting the device to the charger.

Tips for the battery life of your iPhone and Apple Watch:

  • Avoid exposing your devices to extreme ambient temperatures. For example, temperatures above 35 ° C, because heat can damage the battery capacity.

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  •  You should not charge your devices when they are inside a case. Charging devices when they are in a case can generate excess heat that affects the capacity of the battery.
  • If you plan to store your devices for a while, it is best to store it in a cool environment without humidity. In addition, you must store the device with 50% charge; If the time exceeds 6 months, you must recharge the device.
  • Update your device with the latest Software.
  • Make some adjustments when you’re not wearing your watch. For example: turn on battery saver mode, turn off the wake-up screen when raising your wrist, or turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone to prevent battery drain on your Apple Watch, and  turn off the always-on screen on your Apple Watch.
  • If you are going to charge your Apple Watch via USB, make sure the computer is turned on and connected ; If it is in sleep mode or off the clock battery will discharge.

The Apple Watch are very practical devices, but, at the same time, you have to take care of them so that they last long; Therefore, follow the advice in this article to save the battery of your smartwatch so that it does not discharge quickly .

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