How to Transfer Your Photos from iPhone to Windows 10 PC

Whether you are running out of space or want to import your pictures from iPhone to Windows for any other reason, we have created this guide to help you transfer photos from iPhone to Windows 10 PC.

The good thing is that to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows PC you don’t need to install iTunes or any other third-party program. So what is the best way to import photos and videos from your iPhone to Windows 10? There are several methods, some easier than others, but all free. In this case, Windows 10 offers you 3 easy ways to import photos from your iPhone. Let’s see next.

Transfer photos from iPhone to Windows 10 PC with Photos app

# 1. Connect iPhone to PC or laptop with USB cable.

# 2. Check your phone screen, which should ask for permission to allow Windows to access photos and videos. Alternatively, it may ask you to indicate whether you want to “Trust this computer” or “Don’t trust.” In any case, you must grant that permission.

# 3. Now open the Photos app and click the Import button in the upper right corner.

# 4. Select from which device you want to import photos.

# 5. Now the iPhone will be scanned for photos and videos on the photo roll and other albums. This could take a while if you have photos that are multiple years old.

# 6. When the scan is finished, all the found photos and videos will be displayed.

If you are importing all the photos, in Select in the upper left corner choose All items. Alternatively you can select From last import or None. The latter is good for manually selecting the items you want to import.

# 7. When you have made all your selections, click Import� and the photos and videos will be transferred to your PC or laptop.

Import photos from iPhone to Windows manually

Many people have the belief that they cannot connect an iPhone as a removable device to transfer files. The truth is that with your photos and videos you can do it similar to how you would with an Android device.

# 1. Open File Explorer by using the Window-e keyboard shortcut or by searching for it in the Start menu.

# 2. Connect the iPhone with the USB cable and tap Allow or Trust when presented on the phone screen. If you don’t do this it won’t appear in File Explorer.

# 3. Click Apple iPhone in File Explorer, then the Internal Storage drive that appears, and finally the DCIM folder .

You will find one or more folders with all the photos and videos you have taken on the phone, with their respective names in succession similar to 100APPLE, 101APPLE, 102APPLE, etc.

As for the name of each folder, a higher folder number indicates more recent images and videos.

# 4. If you want to import everything, just use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-E to Select All, and then Ctrl-C to Copy to Clipboard.

In case you don’t want to import everything, then use the File Explorer controls to select and copy the folders or photos or videos you want.

# 5. Now go to the folder you want to transfer the photos to and click Paste or Ctrl-V. In this way you can transfer your photos from iPhone to your computer manually, in full control.

In this way you can transfer your photos from iPhone to your computer manually, in full control.

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