How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone and Other iOS Devices

Our messages and conversations are important to us, especially when they contain relevant details. Sometimes we delete some messages and later we realize that we needed them, so it was a mistake to have them deleted. Other times we have accidentally deleted it, and we are desperately looking for some option or utility to recover them. They are one of those occasions when we need to recover deleted text messages on iPhone.

Fortunately, there is a very simple way to safely retrieve those important messages. PhoneRescue  allows users to recover deleted messages on iPhone. It is a really simple but efficient tool.

This recovery software on of data is available for Windows and Mac platforms. You can easily download PhoneRescue for the operating system you use on your computer and retrieve deleted messages on your iOS device.

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High data recovery success rate

Many times data recovery tools cannot restore deleted data. PhoneRescue provides a high data recovery success rate.

Not only messages, but even photos, videos, and documents can be easily recovered using PhoneRescue. The software even allows you to restore application data.

Recover your data in just 3 clicks

The user interface plays an important role in determining the usability of a software. PhoneRescue is friendly to your eyes and easy to use. The home screen is very simple. All buttons and controls are perfectly arranged. The recovery process only requires 3 easy steps. With just 3 clicks you can recover deleted or lost data.

Preview and selection

This is a very important feature. For example, you may have deleted a large number of messages on your iPhone and you don’t want to get them all back. With PhoneRescue you can preview the data to select and restore only those messages or data that you really need.


The application is highly safe to use. There is no data leak, all recovered data will be limited to your device only.

Also, the rescued data will be in its original form. The application ensures that the integrity of your data is maintained.

C OW recover deleted text messages on iPhone with PhoneRescue

Let’s see how this utility works to help us recover deleted messages.

STEP 1.  imobie.  for your operating system (Windows / Mac). Launch the application and connect your iPhone to the computer.

STEP 2. Select the Recover from iOS device option . Click the arrow in the lower right to scan your iPhone.

STEP 3. You will be given the option to select the type of data. Select the type of data to retrieve that type of data.

STEP 4. By default, all categories will be preselected, so uncheck the ones you don’t want to recover. Let’s say we select to recover deleted messages.

STEP 5. Now, select Messages and then select Message Attachments. You can select the contacts from whom you want to retrieve the messages.

Take a look at the preview of the messages and select the ones you want to recover. Click on the computer or device button present in the lower right corner of the application on your computer or iPhone.

In this way, you will have recovered the deleted messages.

Recover deleted files on iPhone other iOS devices

PhoneRescue is really useful software. It has helped many iOS users to recover deleted text messages on iPhone and other lost data. Its function to selectively restore only the desired data is of great help, saving time, effort and space. Its price is also very reasonable. It has a free trial plan that you can use before purchasing a subscription. If it seems convenient to you, its individual license is $ 49.99 and the family one costs $ 69.99.

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