How to log out of Messenger from your cell phone and other connected devices

In this post I will show you  how to log out of Messenger  on your Android or iPhone cell phone. You can also delete a Messenger account opened on another cell phone or device.

The Messenger application does not have an option to log out, like the main Facebook application. This causes annoyance in many users who want to close their Messenger so that they are not active all the time.

Here we will see how you can log out of Facebook Messenger, even remotely on other devices where it is open. This is useful if you forget an open session on a computer or a friend’s cell phone.

#1. How to close Messenger on Android

To log out of Messenger on Android you will have to delete the application data through Settings:

You must first close the Messenger app  or remove it from the recent apps list.

Now go to  Settings  and scroll to the Applications section  . Find and tap on the Messenger app  and then on  Storage.

Here you will see the amount of application data stored in memory and you must click on the Delete data button  .

Then click OK to confirm the operation.

To complete a complete logout, you will need to log out of the Facebook app . Remember that if you have an open session in the Facebook application, Messenger will automatically obtain the credentials when you press the Start button . This last step will prevent this from happening.

If this method does not work for you, you could apply the same solution that I will provide below for the iPhone. This one should work only with a few minor variations in the steps.

#2. How to exit Messenger on iPhone

The easiest way to  exit Messenger on iPhone  is through the main Facebook application. This method is similar to a remote logout, and you must follow these steps:

Open the Facebook application and go to the hamburger menu. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose  Settings & Privacy  >  Settings.

Within the Security section   choose  Security and login.

Here you will see the section  Where you logged in, in which all the active sessions with your account will be. Being from the Facebook app this session will appear first, so Messenger should be  the second connection with the name iPhone  in its description.

To close the Messenger session you must press the 3-dot button next to the connection and choose the option  Close session.

With these steps you can log out of Messenger, and if you go to the application it will show you the message ” The session has expired “.

To perform a complete logout  you must also log out of the main Facebook app.

Remember that if you keep the session open in the Facebook application, Messenger automatically obtains the credentials if someone tries to connect.

#3. Close Messenger on other connected devices

You can also log out of Messenger on other devices  remotely. Here I show you how to delete a Messenger account on another cell phone or connected device:

Open your Facebook account on PC using browser. If you are using your cell phone or tablet, open the Facebook application or in any browser that supports desktop view.

Now go to  Settings  >   Security and login  and look for the section ” Where did you login “.

Here you will find all the open sessions of your Facebook account. Simply choose the connection you want to close remotely, click the 3 vertical dots icon and select  Exit.

If you wish, you can also use the option  Close all sessions, to close Messenger and Facebook session on all devices.

You can also do the same from your cell phone or tablet. The method explained above for the iPhone can serve as an example.

This is a very useful feature, since sometimes we forget our account opened in a public place or a friend’s cell phone or PC. There are also chances that someone else is using your account without your consent, even to harm you.

But the worst case scenario could be that your phone was stolen or lost. You wouldn’t want a stranger to read your conversations or impersonate you.

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