How to know the make and model of my monitor in Windows 10

Although it is not very difficult to know the model of your monitor, the information may be in a difficult place or the label may be illegible. For this reason, here I will show you how you can know which monitor you have from the same system in Windows 10.

In another installment we learned how to see the model of your computer, and some users have asked me � how do I know which monitor I have? �. Often times, the manufacturer’s name or logo is printed at the bottom of the screen.

Also, when turning on your monitor without connecting it to the PC, the manufacturer’s logo may appear for a few seconds before it goes to sleep. If these methods fail you, you can get your monitor model directly from Windows 10.

How to know which monitor I have

The brand of a monitor is easy to find, but the model number is a bit tricky. Follow these steps to find out the model of your monitor:

You must first connect the monitor to the computer, making sure that it is recognized by the system and that Windows can send an image to the screen.

Then open the Settings application (Windows + i shortcut ), go to the System group and select the Display tab .

Then click the Advanced Display Settings link at the bottom.

The screens that you have connected will be shown in the next window.

Here you must locate the screen you are looking for and observe the model as shown in the image.

In some systems you will be presented with the Choose screen drop-down menu . Select your secondary display or external monitor from this list. The monitor will be displayed with its brand and model number.

The Show display adapter properties option allows you to manage some settings for your monitor. However, any information related to the make or model will not be specified there. It will likely appear as a generic monitor.

How to know the resolution of my monitor

With the same method you can also know the resolution of your monitor. As you can see in the previous image, in the fields Desktop resolution and Active signal resolution.


For cell phones, the model number is not difficult to remember. The same goes for laptops or notebook computers, which come with service tags to identify them. But things can get tricky when it comes to a monitor. So I think it is very useful to know how to get the model from the same operating system. I hope I’ve helped.

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