How to know if my Lenovo tablet or cell phone is original, replica or Chinese clone

Lenovo is a technology brand that is very well known. You probably know her predominantly for her laptops, the sale of which is very popular. But this Chinese company also has tablets and smartphones on the market in a well-known way .

Precisely because it is such a well-known brand in the technology market, its products are no exception for counterfeits, copies and clones, also Chinese, anywhere in the world. It is easy to be misled when buying these products if you are not careful about their specifications. And sadly, not many are when they choose where and who to buy from. The cloning of cell phone models happens with all brands.

 And it is that identifying which versions are original and which are a copy for some can be a very easy task for some. However, for the less knowledgeable, it is a certain trap and surely more than one will have bought a product that is a pirated version or a clone. Therefore, the main thing not to be fooled is to know what special characteristics a Lenovo product has.

Mainly, we will give some recommendations to be able to distinguish a Tablet or an original Lenovo cell phone from a cloned or pirated one. So pay close attention to these ways you can avoid buying something of dubious quality.

Check the serial number

A viable and straightforward option is to immediately check the serial number of your device. The serial number is located at the bottom of the package for your device. If for some reason, it is not there, you cannot see it or you lost the package and cannot be sure this way, try the following.

The number can also be directly from the Tablet settings. Go to the settings and select the option “about the Tablet”. Then select “status” and in the list that will appear, look for the serial number.

What applications are used to identify a cloned cell phone?

There is an application for computers called Lenovo MOTO Smart Assistant. When you connect your cell phone to the computer, this application is in charge of making the PC recognize it instantly. This is done by installing the drivers you need. Download the app and try this with your cell phone. The application will show all the cell phone data, including the battery and IMEI.

chinese lenovo phone used by executive

On the other hand, for phone app this CPU-Z, also useful and crucial when it comes to unmasking a fake or copy. Download the app on your phone and enter the commands “SOC” and “Device”. Once you do, all the options and details that the device hardware has will be displayed.

Use this to compare it to what is specified on the Lenovo hardware to find out if it matches your cell phone data or if it is a clone. Usually the data and ranges are always very small in cheap Lenovo copies, take this into account with everything the phone brings and see if it is of a lower quality than promised.

How do I check the IMEI?

The last piece of information we offer you will be the most crucial. This is the IMEI number of your device. This number is a special code that stores much of the data on your phone. To obtain it, you must dial on the keyboard to call the pattern * # 06 # to obtain the special code.

The code will be given to you automatically, so write it down and proceed to open the IMEI.info page in your browser. On this page you are going to enter the code. 

lenovo cell phone replica in the hands of a woman

This will give you the complete data of the phone model which you have to compare with yours. If the phone is cloned, obviously, the data will not match at all or will differ in several places.

Even many times the code will even connect you with any phone model or tell you that it is an unknown model. This means that the phone is completely counterfeit and does not belong to Lenovo. Therefore, use this foolproof method if you suspect that your Lenovo phone is fake or has been cloned. Likewise, any brand can be cloned.

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