How to find out what my personal cell phone number is

Remembering phone numbers is something that nobody cares about today, since agents can store thousands of contacts and their details. But sometimes it has happened to me that when trying to pass my number to someone, I realize that I have forgotten it. If this has happened to you, in this post I will show you how to find your personal cell phone number.

You will practically never need to dial yourself, but you will often need to give it to other people so they can call you. If you suddenly don’t remember, you might get a little frustrated and want to find your phone number quickly. Next, I will show you how to find it on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

How to know my personal cell phone number

One of the quickest ways to get your phone number is by dialing another phone you have access to, as the number will be displayed on the screen.

Another way to find out is by dialing or texting a friend and asking them to tell you what your number is. But in this post I will show you other more practical and faster ways to obtain your number from your Android smartphone or from the iPhone.

Find phone number on iPhone

On iPhone you can get your number using 2 quick ways:

# 1. Open the Phone app and tap the Contacts tab at the bottom of the screen. At the beginning of the contact list, you will see the item My card, click on it and your phone number will be shown.

# 2. The second method is to go to Settings, click on Phone and from there you will see the My number field .

Find phone number on Android

In Android the process is a bit different due to different hardware manufacturers:

# 1. You can try going to Contacts and looking for the ME entry at the top of the list.

# 2. Navigate the Settings app > About phone > Status. Here you will see the field My phone number, where you could find know your personal number, but it does not always show the information.

# 3. On some phones, the SIM card status field also appears under the path Settings > About phone > Status. If your phone has it, here you can find your cell phone number.


Even if you never dial or call yourself, it is normal for you to know your phone number. You will often have to give it to other people so they can add you and get in touch with you. The problem is that there will be times when you cannot remember it. For example, when it comes to a new number, or you just have a momentary episode of amnesia. We all go through this situation from time to time, and we know how uncomfortable it can be. I hope this guide has been useful to you.

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