How to enter and activate the engineer mode on a Lanix cell phone by means of code

Over time, the smartphone industry has managed to increase the development of new devices due to the constant technological advance seen today, thus having a large number of mobile companies from large companies such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei, even those that have recently become popular as in the case of Xiaomi, Oppo, and Motorola, but very few people know the Lanix phone brand.

What is Lanix?

Lanix is a company that is responsible for the development of electronic equipment and smartphones, this multinational company, arises in Mexico in Hermosillo, Sonora, and is recognized for being a technology pioneer company with a low presence in several Latin American countries.

Lanix devices have managed to adapt to the new Android functions with ease, thus allowing us to perform various functions that current phones can, such as the engineer mode function , which allows you to make certain modifications to the default settings. of the telephone.

What is engineer mode?

The engineer mode or engineer mode is a hidden option within our Android operating system that allows us to have access to phone functions that are not normally found with the naked eye, such as the step counter function on Huawei phones.

lanix phone with icons

And, not satisfied with that, the engineer mode of the Lanix device is capable of carrying out tests of the operation of the components of the telephone individually, to analyze the function of the same in detail.

What functions can we find in the engineer mode?

As we mentioned earlier, through the engineer mode we will be able to perform a set of functions that we normally do not find in the common functions of the device, among the functions that we can perform with the engineer mode we find the following:

Check the phone’s IMEI number

The IMEI number is a very important code for the phone, since it is technically the phone’s registration which, in the event of a fault, will prevent us from carrying out certain actions such as installing a SIM card for example, fortunately thanks to the engineer mode we have the possibility of reviewing and solving the problem presented by the IMEI

Customize Bluetooth

You can improve the quality of the phone’s Bluetooth signal and optimize the file transfer process with the help of the engineer mode.

Set more options on the camera

You can also improve the quality of the photos by changing the default settings of the camera and other functions of the same application


Manage your mobile processor

You will be able to improve the performance of your mobile by entering the advanced settings of the processor thanks to the engineer mode

How to enter and activate the engineer mode on a Lanix cell phone by means of code

Before you can access the menu to activate the engineer mode on your Lanix device, it is necessary that you have updated your Android version to the latest version.

lanix phone system

This requirement is necessary for any phone so you must always have the Android software updated in the most current version on your device, if you want to activate the engineer mode follow the steps that we will show you below:

  1. Having the phone unlocked you will have to go to the call application.
  2. Being in this application you will have to enter the following code * # * # 3646633 # * # * (It will not be necessary to press the call button after entering the number, since having entered it correctly it will redirect you to a new page).
  3. By entering the code correctly, you will start the engineer mode on your Lanix cell phone, where you can finally have access to the different functions available on your phone, it should be noted that these options will only be able to be displayed in the English language by default.
  4. To be able to exit the engineer mode menu, you will simply have to press the back button or the Home button
  5. And ready! you can now have access to all the functions of your phone

Next we will show you the code to access the engineer mode on different Android devices to have access to all its functions

  • Samsung: # 0011 #
  • Huawei: * # * # 2846579159 # * #
  • LG: 3845 # *
  • HTC: * # 36446337 #
  • Xiaomi: * # * # 6484 # * # *
  • OPPO: * # 36446337 #

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