How to delete, unlink and format the content of an Apple Watch

The first thing to do is delete some settings from the watch and some settings from the iPhone linked to our Apple Watch. This procedure is extremely simple and you can do it quickly by following this series of steps. If you have Android, you can connect and synchronize a SmartWatch without problems.


Unpair an Apple Watch from the watch

Before starting the procedure, it is recommended that the Apple Watch be fully charged, as the process could take some time and we must prevent the watch from turning off so that the unpairing is not interrupted. It can also be left connected to charge while formatting is in progress.

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To begin, we will have to go to the clock settings and click on the General option. After that we will have to go down to the end and select the Reset option.

Finally, you will have to select the option Delete content and settings. After this step, our Apple Watch will be unlinked, without content and with the factory settings.

Unpair an Apple Watch from the iPhone

In this case, the entire process will take place on the phone; however, it is recommended to leave your Apple Watch charging to prevent it from discharging during unpairing.

What we must do is go to the Apple Watch section. If you can’t find the icon, you can go down to the search engine and type “Watch” to find it. Once inside Apple Watch, you will have to press the I for information, located next to the clock icon, and then select the Unlink Apple Watch option.

A message will appear to confirm if indeed we want to unlink the device to which we will have to answer yes and finally we will have to enter our Icloud password and then both devices will begin the unlinking process.

When the process is being carried out, you will be able to see a charging circle on your Apple Watch and once this is completed, the Apple apple will appear and then it will ask you to select the language. The device will remain as if it were the first time it has been used.

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Advantages and disadvantages of formatting an Apple Watch

Despite being a good quality product, it is possible that, at times, it does not work as we want. There can be multiple drawbacks, either due to a bad link or some different configuration. Don’t get frustrated, resetting your device might help.

These devices can also lead to software failures or a factory defect. Formatting it could fix these problems, leaving your watch fully operational and ready to go.

An error that occurs very frequently is that the messages read on the iPhone appear as unread on our Apple Watch. Most likely, in this case, the pairing is not completely done, and a good solution to this problem may be to format your watch.

The downside of doing this is that once you have content on it and it starts to have software problems, you won’t be able to restore files after formatting, so having a backup is recommended.

Another great advantage of formatting the Apple Watch is that it solves connection problems with the iPhone. If your watch gives you a message that says No Iphone.

Before taking the drastic measure of formatting, you can use the control center on your Apple Watch to verify your connection. If after doing this, the problem persists, try unpairing your device from your watch. You will fix the bug but you will lose all the content.

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