How to change the default browser on Android or iPhone

If you want to make Google Chrome, for example, the default browser on Android or iPhone, you can quickly do so. In this guide you will be seeing how you can change the default browser on your cell phone or mobile device.

The default browser is where your device will open all the links by default. That is, when you click on a link from a document or email, the web page opens in the default browser. You can still use the other browsers on your device, but that will be the main one.

Change the default browser on Android

You can always change the main browser on your cell phone or tablet. You can set Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, etc., as your default mobile browser on Android, and it’s easy to do so.

The first thing you have to do is make sure that the browser you want to default is installed on your cell phone.

Next, go to the Settings application on your device and choose the Applications group .

Now in the upper right corner select the 3-dot icon and choose the Default applications option .

Then choose the Browser App option , which will display the currently default browser (if any).

Finally it will show you all the installed browsers. You just have to choose the browser to default and exit.

So you can set Google Chrome or another as the default browser on Android. From now on, any link that you open from social networks, mail, etc., will open in the chosen browser.

Change browser on iPhone

If you’ve used iPhone or iPad for some time, you’ve probably already tried replacing Safari as the default browser and couldn’t. Apple did not allow it to benefit its native browser. But with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, Apple has finally given up on that practice.

To set Google Chrome or another browser as the default on iOS (iPhone and iPad), follow these steps:

You must first make sure you have the browser you want to set as the default installed.

Then open the Settings app   on your device, scroll down and select  Chrome or your preferred browser from the list.

Next, click on the Default browser option  , and now you will be able to see all the browsers installed on your device on the screen.

Select  Chrome (or whatever you want) from the list. To use Google Chrome as the default browser on iPhone or iPad select it from the list.

That’s it! From now on, your iPhone will open all the links in Google Chrome. Remember that in the same way you can do it with other browsers such as Firefox, Edge, Opera, etc. Poe true, in Windows 10 you can also change the default browser just as easy.

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