How to activate and deactivate airplane mode on Apple Watch? – Step by Step

There are preferences that are easier than others when it comes to applying them, so there are users who may be having problems changing the status of the airplane mode of the Apple Watch.

With the airplane mode active, you will not be able to read or respond to WhatsApp messages on Apple Watch, much less correctly know the applications installed on Apple Watch.

This mode is well known and applied in different devices, and it is very versatile to be able to deactivate all connections and still be able to use the equipment.

As for how to activate or deactivate it on an Apple Watch, there are several procedures, so they are presented here so that each user can choose the one of their preference.

From the Clock App you can adjust the airplane mode of the Apple Watch

This is considered the simplest and most direct step-by-step to be able to modify the status of the airplane mode on this device.

With the particularity that, unlike the others, performing this method only enables or disables this setting for the clock and not for the rest of the computers.

Now, to begin, the “Settings ” application must be opened from the Apple Watch to be customized, in order to inquire about the corresponding menu options.

Next, it will be located and selected in the mode that says “Airplane Mode “. To be able to activate it, it will be enough to move the switch of it.

press apple watch button

Now, if you want to deactivate it, you only have to place said switch to the opposite side of the setting. It is similar to removing or disabling Airplane Mode on my locked iPhone , but with different results.

Using the Glance

Apple Watches include a default Glance for settings and which, in turn, sends or generates a search beep to the paired iPhone.

Well, through this, it is possible to activate the offline or airplane mode both on the watch only, and on the other Apple device. But the latter will be seen in the next step.

As for the step-by-step, you start by swiping up with your finger on the Apple Watch, which will expose the Glances.

Next, you should find the “ Adjustment Glance ”, which by default should be first and on the left.

Then, we proceed to activate or deactivate the “ Airplane Mode ”, by pressing the corresponding icon, which will have an airplane as a badge.

Adjust Apple Watch Airplane mode from iPhone

Modifying the status of the Apple Watch airplane mode from the iPhone can save a lot of time for the user, if you decide to do it this way.

Since, this consists of a synchronization or automatic activation / deactivation. That is configured so that, when changing the state in one device, it is also applied in the other.

But, in order to achieve this automation of the adjustment, the iPhone must first be configured so that it is allowed to carry it out.

Consequently, you will have to start by opening the application for the “Apple Watch ” that is installed on the iPhone.

apple watch sport man

In order to direct the action to the tab called “My watch “, where you can configure everything related to the Apple Watch from the other device.

To continue, you search until you find a menu called “Airplane Mode “, where an option “Mirror iPhone ” will be positioned, which is the one to be activated.

In this way, the configuration in which either of the two computers is allowed to make a mirror effect when activating the desired airplane mode will have been enabled.

But, as it will have been evident, this step by step does not activate or deactivate the preference as such, so it will be necessary to opt for another external one.

That being the case, either of the two aforementioned procedures, the best options to choose how to activate or deactivate the airplane mode of the Apple Watch.

The best thing is that they are all very easy, simple and fast. Remaining in the hands of each user to apply the one that best suits their customs and desires.

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