How do AirPods Pro setup and use work on Android?

How do AirPods Pro work on Android?

As expected, when using these wireless headphones on a computer other than the Apple universe, not all the functions of the same will be usable. Even so, much of its features will be available and can be enjoyed. Among these, the essential traits will work.

That is, the Bluetooth connection with which the AirPods work, will be the same that supports synchronization with an Android, although a little more manual.

Similarly, music playback and pause can be done by pressing the AirPods stem with just one touch. For which it was pressed three times to go back. And if you press twice quickly, it will jump forward.

Whereas, if the same stem is pressed, there will be the option of deactivating or activating the ambient listening mode or noise cancellation.

On the other hand, when connecting the AirPods Pro on Android, you will not be able to transfer the audio of a call to the phone automatically just by removing the headphones from your ear.

Likewise, it will not be possible to display the battery indicator of the wireless headphones on the device, so it will be necessary to make approximate calculations to know when they should be charged.

Knowing all this, it is also important to emphasize that there are alternatives to AirPods to listen to music on iPhone or Android . Only in the event that you cannot have monetary access to them.

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Or, as an alternative, it can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store, an application that exposes the AirPods battery, called Activation Assistant or Bixby.

If your computer supports wireless reverse charging, you can charge the headphones on the back of the device. Charging can also be done from a platform that is Qi-compatible.

Steps to configure AirPods on Android

As we have already mentioned, the way these headphones work is through the Bluetooth connection, which for Apple is automatic, but for Android it will be manual.

To achieve this, you must locate the section dedicated to Bluetooth, which is achieved in two ways, in “Settings “, within the section “Connected devices ” and “Bluetooth “.

Or, sliding from the home screen, and from top to bottom, the quick settings panel or notifications. In this, it is left pressed on the icon of the “Bluetooth “.

Thanks to this, the window in question will open, where we must activate the tool through the sliding button that it has, on the right side is the correct one.

Now, the option shown will be chosen, called “Add new device ” or “Synchronize new device “, which will have a plus symbol ( + ) to its left.

On the other hand, regarding the preparation of the AirPods Pro, you must open the case (with them inside), and locate the small button that they include on the back.

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The latter must be pressed and held until a white light begins to flash, indicating that they are ready to connect.

Then, the device will appear, that is, you can choose from the synchronization menu and follow the phone guidelines for these cases.

In this way, the AirPods Pro will have already been connected to Android through a Bluetooth connection and they will be ready to use.

With the particularity that when you take them out of the case they will be connected, and when you insert them in the same it will do the opposite, they will be disconnected.

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