8 applications to change the hair color in your photos from your mobile

People, especially women, like to change our hairstyle from time to time. And we all want to look attractive, with a fresh appearance and be ready to show off on Instagram at all times. Although changing your hairstyle is easier, changing your hair color is not so easy. What if the color change does not suit you or does not suit you? Sometimes it can go terribly wrong. Wouldn’t it be better to use an app to change hair color and see how it would look on you?

The desire to change the hair color leads us to the stylist, but the attempt to express our desire to him is not always successful. For this reason, the results obtained can be unexpected, and even unwanted.

If you want to avoid this, you must first try or find out what type of hairstyle and hair color you have. To find out there are many applications in the App Store and Google Play that will help you try new colors before actually applying them in the beauty salon.

For best results, use one of the following apps with your photos in front of your stylist. After all, the latter is the expert and will be able to guide you better. Now let’s see the list of applications to change hair color, both on your iPhone and Android phones.

Apps to change hair color on iPhone and Android

1. Hair Color Studio

[Available on  Android and iOS ]

This is an application highly appreciated by boys and girls. You can change hair color in a photo in a matter of seconds, using more than 20 shadows and various effects. It comes with a live selfie option  that you can use to test different hair colors in real time. You just have to start the application, look at the camera and select from a range of more than 50 shades of colors to try.

You can also increase or decrease the intensity and depth of the color using vertical bars. Unfortunately it does not have the option to save images. But you can still achieve it by taking a screenshot. And then you can share the capture with your friends and stylist for their opinions.

The app provides a color palette for free and offers in-app purchases for colors marked with a star. Hair Color Studio is a very capable photo editor that includes accessories like glasses, earrings, hats, etc. It incorporates around 100 decorative elements.

To use it you just have to upload a photo from the gallery or take a new one. Then select the hair shape and apply the color you want. You can complement the arrangement with highlights and shadows, in addition to the accessories mentioned above. Includes the option to save the image and share it with your friends on social networks.

2. Hair Color Changer

[Available on  iOS ]

If you want to try multiple colors at once or use different shades, Hair Color Changer gives you more control over the parts of your hair that you can color. The app uses gestures to apply color, move images, and zoom in or out. Unlike Hair Color, you can take a new photo or use an existing one from the gallery.

Select the pencil icon and increase or decrease the size of the nib using the upper horizontal slider. The lower one will adjust the darkness. You can then start finger painting your hair to see what color suits you best. You can also save different appearances in the Photos app.

With Hair Color Changer you can not only change hair color, but you can also experiment with makeup. It has more than 100 colors and shades available for free. It also has a variety of filters for photo processing, and you can upload images from the gallery or take photos from the application directly.

Hair Color Changer is free to use but contains ads and comes with in-app purchases to unlock additional colors and shadows.

3. Hair Color Booth

[Available on  iOS ]

Hair Color Booth comes with similar options and user interface but with a wider palette of colors and shades. The app does not offer live viewing, so you will have to work with selfies. You must use your fingers and gestures to apply colors in strokes.

As with the Hair Color Changer app, you can adjust the strength and saturation of the strokes. You can also control the smoothness. Play around with these three options to see which one works for you.

The app does not contain ads, but does offer in-app purchases to access additional colors.

4. Hair Style Salon

[Available on iOS]

Hair Style Salon comes with a voting system. It is difficult to make a decision when it comes to our appearance, so we have to rely on friends. While they can always share their opinions, it is best to ask those who are used to dyeing their hair.

Choose a hairstyle, apply the color you want and put the result to a vote. It is advisable to create a profile to get the most out of the Hair Style Salon app. The color tool is free to use, but if you want to try new hairstyles, it will cost you $ 2.99 a week.

This is one of the best iOS apps to change hair color and experiment with your look.

5. Hairstyle Makeover

[Available on  iOS ]

Hairstyle Makeover is another application for iOS to evolve your appearance, but to change the hair color you must first choose a hairstyle, which can be a bit annoying.

It has different hairstyle styles to choose from, and you can experiment with your photos or choose one of the models. When you have chosen the hairstyle and adjusted the size, you will see more options. Then you can change the hue or tint of the hair color.

6. Hairstyle Magic Mirror

[Available on  Android and iOS ]

Hairstle Magic Mirror is an application with great ease of use to apply a different hairstyle and hair color to your photos. It has a wide selection in its hair color palette. The difference of this application with the others is that no effort was spared to cover the male segment. Within its collection it has haircuts for men, with different styles and colors.

7. Insta Hair Style Salon

[Available on iOS]

With Insta Hair Style Salon you can digitally simulate your hair with the color you’ve always dreamed of, as well as choosing a trendy haircut.

Working with this application is quite easy and it has more than 150 different hair styles. Additionally, you will be able to obtain a lot of extra information and recommendations regarding your choice. For example, it will tell you which hair style is appropriate for round, square or triangle head shapes.

The result of your creativity can be saved and sent to your friends or your stylist.

8. InStyle Hairstyle

[Available on  iOS ]

InStyle Hairstyle allows you to transform your image to see yourself in a different way. You can experiment on your own image or on photos of celebrities. Unlike the others, when you convert a snapshot, only your face remains. In other words, when selecting a photo, you can select the one you like without worrying about its background.

Although it does not have a selection of face shapes, it has a variety of hair styles and shadows with an excellent realistic tone. It allows you to publish the result on Facebook, save it on your phone and send it by mail.

Change hair color

Hair is one of the first things people see in you. And this is natural, since it is at the top of our head, shaping the shape of the latter. A good hairstyle and hair color appropriate to our figure can make a big difference in our physical presence.

These applications will help you to change hair color in photos or live. This way you can experiment, receive recommendations or comments and decide on your new look.

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