3 ways to know the version of an application installed on Android

Sometimes we need to install a specific version of an application on your cell phone. In this post I will show you three ways to know the version of an application installed on Android.

On Android, users are not limited to downloading apps only from the Google Play Store. They can download apps from other app stores when they deem it necessary. This allows you to install applications that are not available in the store, or different versions of other applications. Many other similar modifications are possible on Android. And in some cases, you must have a certain version of the app for a mod to work.

View the version of an installed application

Via Google Play Store

This way works if the application in question is up to date and you only need to find the version of the application. If you are on an older version of an app and an update is available on the Play Store, this method is not for you. In that case you should update or follow the next method.

Open the Play Store application and go to the page of the application in question. Each application has a short description of what it does. Hit the Read more option and then go to the bottom of the page to get the current version of the app.

On the “About” screen of the Application

Many applications include an ” About ” screen within the application that can tell you which version you are running. Normally, you can access this screen through the Settings of the application. If the app doesn’t have a dedicated setup screen, look for an “I” shaped button. This button will most likely provide additional information about the application and may include the version number.

Through the “Settings” application of the system

If all else fails, there is always the Settings app. Open the Settings app and go to Applications. This will take you to the list of applications installed on your device. This list is in Settings, but it could be in a different section depending on your version of Android installed.

On the application list screen, tap the application whose version you want to know. You will be shown the Information section of the application, in which you should see the version and other information of the application. If the information you are looking for is not at the beginning, scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will definitely find information about the version of the application.

This method is appropriate for applications that have been installed from other stores and for previous versions that you are still using.

The versions of the applications are provided by the application developer. This is so regardless of the origin of the application, be it the Google Play Store or another store. Android simply reports the version provided by the installation file; And in some rare cases, developers may not bother to update the application version. They can just launch a new APK file and not bother to update the version. This is bad practice, so it is rare to find it, but it can happen with the applications you download.

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