10 best apps to make free photo collage on Android

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this could be even more true when it comes to a photo montage or collage. A collage is an image made up of a succession of several different images, with different effects and designs. In these times of social media and internet entertainment, collages are widely used as a form of expression. In this post I will show you 10 wonderful free applications so you can  easily make photo collage from your cell phone or Android device.

Apps to make photo collage on Android

The  photo collage maker apps on Android  allow you to cut, tear, move, paste and compose different types of objects. With one of these you can show everyone how much fun you had at your prom, a crazy night at the disco or any other event. By capturing a series of moments in a collage, in addition to saving a lot of time, you will also achieve that the message or idea to be expressed is transmitted more effectively. It’s easier to tell everything from a single image.

With the following 10 applications you can  make free photo collage  from your Android device with ease. You just have to select photos from your gallery and let the application do its thing, either on your tablet or mobile. Now let’s start with the list.

1. Photo Grid

Photo Grid provides a very convenient way to create photo montages or photo collages, and even create video presentations with music. It has the ability to stylize your photos with filters organized by categories, adding text, stickers and images to a custom background.

2. Pic Collage

Pic Collage allows you to create fabulous montages using text, stickers, frames and your photos and images. It includes beautiful typographic fonts, the ability to take selfies or self-portrait and share to social networks. With simple touch gestures you can resize and delete sections of your photomontages. With this application you can turn your images into a real postcard.

3. Pixlr

Pixlr gives you maximum control over all aspects of your photomontages. It offers advanced options such as resizing and rotation, as well as the ability to choose from four predefined dimensions. You can change the size of your collage after editing, which allows you to upload the image with different sizes. It includes very attractive frames and effects. It has auto retouch, a feature that just by pressing a button will adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast.

4. Fotor

Fotor allows you to use 9 photos in a collage, with a choice of 13 scenes to combine. It also provides 100 filters and effects to add stickers, boxes and other useful elements. With the �Challenge� function you can participate in contests and events created by the Fotor developers, and keep an eye on the creations of other users.

5. piZap

piZap is an all-in-one collage maker appwith several customization options, yet very easy to use. It features 1,250 collage layouts, 1,420 stickers, 70 fonts, and 37 vibrant themes. It also includes various frames, backgrounds, and borders. Its excellent editing tools are accompanied by the ability to share your creations, with options to share to SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.


MOLDIV takes a minimalist and modern approach to  creating eye-catching collages  suitable for use in any broadcast medium. The results can be brought up to the highest resolution that is supported by the phone or tablet used. Provides a variety of options, including 50 photo effects, 80 basic frames, and 100 high-quality frames; more than 200 stamps and text in the form of balloons; 40 color and 80 pattern selector for frame backgrounds. With MOLDIV you can create a collage with your photos in the form of a poster, thematic album or magazine.

7. Photo Collage

With Photo Collage you can combine your photos in any way you want. It offers different modes to choose from to make your creations. It is one of the few applications of its kind that allows you to add photos directly from the web. You can use manual mode and paste photos into a large background image. You can share your montages directly to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

8. KD Collage

KD Collage is especially focused on grid options, with alternative of up to 4 photos for small montages and up to 9 images for larger ones. Additionally, it offers larger frames for more images and for a single image. It has 100 collage templates and more than 120 background options. It has the particularity of being able to save the photomontages  to continue editing them at another time.

9. Instaframe (discontinued)

Based on simplicity and speed, Instaframe allows you to select from among 90 templates, choose the images for montage and share the collage on social networks. It includes 12 great effects to apply to individual images, 54 border effects, more than 20 creative fonts, and hundreds of customizable sticks and emojis. With this app you can quickly make collage montages in HD without any problem.

10. PicGrid (discontinued)

With this application you will be able to create very attractive free photo collage in a few simple steps. You have more than 100 frames to choose from and 14 filters. The border color of the frames can be changed to match the montage photos. It is an excellent app to make collage with selfies, since it has elegant filters. Two filters can be applied to different sections of a single photo. You can also rotate, focus and pan to get the best results.

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