What you must know and study to be able to work a programmer

Computer programmers are those who are dedicated to writing computer programs, as the name suggests. The position of programmer is increasingly requested by companies, who want to develop platforms and infrastructures for their clients and seek to increase their visibility through web pages and mobile applications. If we are interested in computing and technology in general and we want to think about the future as programmers, all this is what we must take into account.

Having studies is essential

The first thing we will ask ourselves is what to study. Normally, companies usually ask for programmers who have a  degree in computer engineering or other degrees also related to technology. During the career, basic concepts about programming are usually taught, and it is a good base for what companies are looking for.

However, there are also higher vocational training programs in computer science where they teach programming, databases and a much more direct knowledge focused mainly on job search. If we cannot (or want to) study a career (although it is recommended), specialized professional training can be a great option.

The master specialization (eg, software engineering, programming and even advanced Artificial Intelligence) often help a lot when to specialize and find a job scheduler.

Continuous training

Of course, a career alone is not enough to find work as a programmer. There are many people with experience, and much more knowledge, who are going to choose the same job. Therefore, once we finish the race, the next step is to continue training.

We can find programming courses on many Internet sites. On platforms like Humble Bundle they often publish these types of courses frequently. We can also find a multitude of programming courses on YouTube and other websites that will help us expand our knowledge.

Specialized training

Obviously we cannot learn all the programming languages, since it is impossible. And also not all programming languages ​​are useful to find work . We must be clear about what type of programmers we want to be, and train accordingly.

For example, if we are going to be programmers of Android apps we must learn to master their own programming IDE and the Java language, since apps are programmed in this language. And if we want to program for iOS, then we must know Switft.

If we are going to be web page programmers we must know HTML, CSS and JavaScript, in case of frontend, or C, SQL, PHP and frameworks (among others) in case of backend. Or maybe what interests us is programming video games . In that case, we must control the languages ​​(usually scripting) used by IDEs and engines, such as Unity and JavaScript. We must also have knowledge of 3D modeling, although this may be in the hands of other users, depending on the size of the project.

Another case is that we are interested in programming data infrastructures . So we must master databases and have knowledge of C ++, C # and Visual languages ​​(for example). We can also try to be multiplatform programmers thanks to languages ​​like C or Python that allow us to defend ourselves on any platform.

It all depends on the type of programmers we want to be. But apart from having basic knowledge about programming, we must master the languages ​​that we are going to use.

Other knowledge to be a programmer

In addition to knowing how to program and control the programming languages ​​necessary for our work, there are a series of “extras” that will help us to program better and, furthermore, to be more likely to find work. One of the knowledge that many companies ask for is Clean Code, knowing how to program cleanly and correctly.

Advanced knowledge about all types of operating systems (especially Windows and Linux) will also be valued , as well as knowing how to defend ourselves with the most used programming IDEs and code versioning systems, such as GIT.

There are also certain certifications (such as the Cisco CCNA, or the Microsoft Technical Certifications) that, although they may not be directly related to programming, will allow us to give a much more professional appearance to the company.

Experience and the vicious cycle

Unfortunately, no matter how much knowledge we have, it will be very difficult for us to work as programmers if we do not have experience. And if we don’t work, we won’t be able to get experience. It is the same as in most jobs.

However, if we want to work as programmers, we can try to demonstrate this experience, even if we don’t have it, in a number of ways. One of the best and most recommended is to carry out a series of projects on our own and share them on GitHub . In this way, when they ask us about our work experience, we can show that we know how to code by sharing our GitHub profile page. And not only to program on our own, but also to collaborate with other OpenSource projects that we can find on the page. Companies usually look at activity, both for their own projects and collaborating on other projects.

In addition, we will be helping other developers and users in general. A company may even contact us as a result of viewing our GitHub profile. A good opportunity in every way that will help us to perfect our technique and to work with other people.

Professional profile of the programmer

We must bear in mind that companies tend to look for profiles of very specific people to work as programmers. For example, you are looking for people who know how to work in groups, since normally a computer program is created by several people who must communicate and adapt the code to that of others. You should also look for dynamic and analytical people, capable of paying attention to details and being able to solve all kinds of problems.

Programmers must also have a great capacity for concentration and be meticulous about their work, writing code in an orderly and commented way so that others can understand each part, each function.

Of course, you must have programming and computer skills, as well as knowing how hardware and networks work. Although this is something that is taken for granted for this type of work related to technology.

Continuous training

There are many people who, as soon as they find work in IT (such as maintenance, programmer, etc.) forget about training. Even people who find another job, settle and forget to continue training. This should never be done.

Life can take a thousand turns. And more when we are talking about the technology sector. Therefore, it is very important that, although we are working, we continue in continuous training . We must continue studying (and, above all, practicing) programming, even if it is for our own and irrelevant projects. So we can add a few repositories to our GitHub account to help us demonstrate our experience tomorrow. We can take the opportunity to learn new languages, and even make our way into the Android and iOS application stores to get extra money, which never hurts.

The important thing is that, whatever our work status, we never stop continuing to train and refresh our knowledge.

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