What is “lorem ipsum” and why do we see it when browsing

We spend a lot of time connected to the Internet browsing all kinds of pages, both in relation to work, and in moments of leisure and entertainment. That is why on more than one occasion we may have come across a text that reads Lorem Ipsum, let’s see what it is.

It must be borne in mind that in the middle of the year 2020, the Internet has become a key element in the daily lives of millions of Internet users. Thus, assuming that we have surfed the Internet enough over the years, we may have seen some strange Latin text. This is a text that appears from time to time without us expecting it, so let’s see what it means.

What is the meaning of the Lorem Ipsum text on the Internet

To begin we will tell you that the aforementioned text by Lorem Ipsum, as a general rule we will see it on the web pages that are under construction. Specifically, we usually come across a Latin text that usually begins with the same two words: Lorem Ipsum. After these two terms, we can read another longer text like this:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing, elit ante viverra nostra ornare. Placerat nisl bibendum sociosqu pulvinar euismod velit neque mattis nunc, luctus dui mus tristique nibh nulla nisi eget interdum nec, tempor class suspendisse dis maecenas quis rhoncus libero. Dui ultricies id aliquam elementum venenatis taciti sed tempus placerat sem, per integer lectus fusce vitae nascetur pharetra risus odio, curabitur natoque eu vestibulum interdum montes varius massa urna. Velit vel inceptos a luctus hendrerit rhoncus gravida ullamcorper libero, nibh malesuada suspendisse et penatibus aliquam tempor.

Well, although at first it may seem a bit strange or even suspicious, in reality there is nothing strange about it. But to understand what all this is about, we have to talk a little about the world of design. And it is that Lorem Ipsum is based on the book «De finibus bonorum et malorum», a work of the Roman philosopher Marco Tulio Cicero. So these two words come from a part of the aforementioned book where Cicero talks about hedonism.

Have you ever wondered what this text read from its original book would sound like? Here we can hear up to an hour from Lorem Ipsum.

So let’s say we’re doing a web page design job for someone and we want to show what the website looks like when it’s full of content. This is accomplished by stuffing with fake articles to put on this under construction website. This helps the customer to see first-hand what the website looks like in operation. Now, we may wonder how those filler texts and dummy articles are generated.

What are these two well-known Latin terms used for?

It is true that we could use a repetition of a simulated text with repeated or nonsensical words. The problem with this is that it doesn’t really show what natural text would look like on the web. Also, it is not too professional to teach something like that. We can also copy and paste the filler text from other websites to see what the client wants to see , but it is not the best option, since it can be misleading.

Therefore and at this point, one of the most widespread solutions in this regard is Lorem Ipsum. We actually mean the use of a passage that looks like Latin but is not exactly that. Thus, customers can “read” it as if it were a readable text, but they do not focus on the content itself, but on how it looks on the new page . In this way at the same time we can find Lorem Ipsum text generators that will write these texts so that we can use them freely. Therefore, it could be said that in the end Lorem Ipsum is a useful tool to present to people the design of a web prototype in which we are working.

Programs to generate Lorem Ipsum

Obviously, no one in their right mind would memorize this text to use in their projects. Paragraphs can be found on a large number of sites. Without going any further, a few paragraphs further back we have quoted this complete text. And with a simple search on the Internet we can also find it to copy and paste it.

In addition, there are many programs, such as Microsoft Word or the Adobe suite, capable of generating this type of text automatically. In the Microsoft suite, for example, just type ” = lorem () ” and hit enter to see this content.

If we want more content, we can resort to a website called lipsum that will allow us to generate Lorem Ipsum texts of the size we want. We can choose the number of paragraphs we want it to have, the words, the bytes, etc. Or we can also use another similar one called getlorem that does basically the same as lipsum, but with a more careful appearance.

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