What are the best sticker packs for telegram to download for free on android and ios? List 2021

It is no secret to anyone that, in the main instant messaging applications, you can find various emojis that allow you to communicate more easily and even in a more fun way. However, in the modern communication environment, these can fall short and before this, the idea of ​​stickers arose .

In this sense, stickers have become a very original way to communicate as you wish. Since, luckily, these adapt to different themes and present a greater variety than the recognized emojis, since the stickers have complete packs. Both in WhatsApp as well as in Telegram and the other instant messaging apps used worldwide.

But well, in this post we want to focus on all the stickers that are for Telegram, taking into account that it is a wide free collection that users of such application can simply download on their device.

List of the 250 best Telegram sticker packs to download on Android and iOS

Thanks to the fact that Telegram is a multiplatform app, it can be downloaded and installed on both Android devices as well as those that operate under iOS. Thus, the same happens with the large number of packages that can be obtained and thus, here we propose the best 250 that exist for Telegram and that allow you to use it for free.

Through the links that we provide you in the following listings:

Movie sticker packs

To start with, we have compiled some of the most famous “sticker” packs in the world of cinema. Since, they are about titles, movie characters and even film directors who have marked a before and after in this culture so popular in the world .

Thus, below, we detail the main ones with each download link:

Manga / Anime sticker packs

Due to the remarkable amount of “stickers” available for Telegram that are related to anime and manga, it became necessary to gather all this in a single pack and, furthermore, separate from those collections that have to do with television series and the famous comics.

Thus, lovers of the great export of the continent of the country of the rising sun, have different options to download . Mainly, in regards to the content of Goku, Naruto, Evangelion, Dragon Ball and all this kind of transcendental and mythical works.

Here are the best packages:

TV Series sticker packs

TV series also occupy a very important place in relation to all the packages of “stickers” that the network offers to use in the Telegram chat . Since, practically all users have grown up watching television and enjoying thousands of stories that, as time goes by, still continue to captivate viewers. Best of all, there is room for all tastes in this section.

Below, we detail them one by one:

Comics and Vignettes sticker packs

In reference to the world of comics and its fans, there are also several options that you can download to use in your Telegram account. Being packages that, mainly, have been created to pay tribute to these characters that have transcended for many years.

Thus, some of the best of this type of collection are:

Music sticker packs

As music is also an important part of daily life worldwide, different “sticker” packs have been created that include the most famous artists, from various musical genres . Taking into account that, like most of the other types, in this you will also find a total variety that adapts to your tastes.

Next, we mention those with the highest number of downloads by users:

Videogame sticker packs

The video game industry could not be absent from the conversations you have on Telegram and for that reason, a variety of collections of “stickers” dedicated to the main characters of this magical world have also been created . Taking into account, of course, the main titles such as: Pokémon, Mario, Sonic, etc.

See more about it in the following links that we provide here:

Memes sticker packs

It is no secret to anyone that, for some time,

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