What are the best apps to lock apps on android and ios? List 2021

Currently there are various applications to block your mobile device both Android and iOS . Maybe you need to do this because it has happened to you that you have a friend or relative who always wants to access it, either to see who you are talking to or to look at your images. Whatever the reason, these tools will allow you to protect it from those people you do not want to check your Smartphone.

There is a wide variety of apps to safeguard your files such as photos, videos, messages, account numbers and important information. These platforms are extremely effective and establish a blocking method similar to the one you can establish on the screen, so that no one but you can access the content that you have stored on your mobile.

It is for this reason that in this article we will present you the best ones to protect your apps in different operating systems. So that you can have greater security for your device and everything you have on it. In this way, among all those that we will show you, you can choose the one that is most practical and easy to use. If you wish, you can access the guide on how to block applications step by step from here.

List of the best apps to block apps on Android

In the Play Store, Android has various tools to block the apps on your terminal. They can be done in social networks, folders, telephone book and others.  Below we will mention several of them so that you can choose the one that best suits your style.

Depending on the one you download, you can restrict access with a pattern, a PIN or even using the fingerprint reader  if your mobile has one.

Lock (AppLock)

It is an excellent platform among all those that exist, being one of the main and most used by users. It allows you to block applications in a specific way such as messages, photos or videos, in turn this has the option to block calls.  The best thing is that you can use it for free. It is not surprising that it is one of the most downloaded in the Google Play Store .

Lock Applock Lock

With this application you can restrict access to any of your mobile documents using the well-known visible pattern block method. In particular, it has a very good advantage and that is that you can change the icon to protect your information.

Although, the most outstanding thing it contains is that it has the ability to take a photograph of the person who is trying to intrude between the content of your device, so if you make a mistake when entering the password or the unlock pattern, it will be captured. This is also free of charge which makes it easy to access and download.

App Lock (Fingerprint as password)

This platform called “App Lock – fingerprint as password”. It is quite practical and simple to use. Like the previous ones, it gives you the opportunity that you can block almost any document by means of a pattern or fingerprint, as well as the new or old applications that you have on your mobile.

Perfect App Lock

“Perfect app lock” is another tool that is among the most used by users to protect their Android mobile device from anyone who wants to read its contents. It does the same function as the previous ones, allowing you to block access to files , although this includes WiFi and Bluetooth blocking.

Smart AppLock Free

This tool is another option to be able to block your files, messages, contacts and even the same configuration of your device from other people. Its features include delayed app blocking, autostart upon restart, and an intrusion alert for your device. The best thing is that you can use it for free.

Material Lock – App Security

“Material lock app security” contains a pattern or fingerprint to lock your device, as well as a function that manages to limit the unlock attempt for several seconds.  This allows you to receive notifications with the failed attempts that have been made and includes an extra function to extend the battery life of your mobile.

CM Security AppLock Antivirus

“CM security app lock antivirus”  accepts the blocking of your incoming calls, as well as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and others, all this through a fingerprint with various tools. This app has the advantage that it captures an image of the person who wants to access your mobile applications, so that they cannot refuse when you face it for abusing your trust.


This tool allows you to set lock screens in a personalized way, being able to determine the pattern or password as a security method for the protection of each of your files, keeping them away from people to whom you have not given permission to access your mobile. It is always looking for and innovating in its services to offer you high privacy.

App Defender

App defender has the ability to block various applications on your device in a personalized way, so you can choose which ones you want to protect or not. All this by creating passwords to protect your information and have greater privacy, or by establishing a pattern. A l Like some of the previous apps, to the note that have introduced more than 2 Sometimes a wrong code capture an image of the person you are trying to access your files.

List of the best apps to block apps on iPhone

Not only with your Android device you can block your applications for intruders, with your iOS / iPhone mobile you can also do it so that you have more privacy with your files. In this part we will present you the most used by Apple users.

Secret Apps Lite

This is a very useful platform and it has become one of the most used among IPhone users, since it allows you to block both your applications and your files within your device or other tools such as contacts, messaging and photographs. It is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. It should be noted that it works through a pattern to lock your mobile.

Keeper Password Manager

Allows you to protect your files on iPhone, providing password or pattern protection. It is not one of the most downloaded, but it is one of the most effective that you can find on iPhone, iPad or iPod . In it you can block other applications and functions of the mobile easily and in a personalized way.


It is a fairly secure platform to protect your mobile. With this you can create your own password, encrypt and decrypt your information. It is quite practical but also safe, being one of the most used by users for its extensive security.


With this app you can hide your documents from those intruders who seek to spy on your device, and the best of all is that only you will know how to make them appear again to access them. It is compatible with various files, be they books, photos, among others.

CM Security

“CM Security” works for both Android and Apple products, including iPhone. This will provide you with various tools to protect your mobile, always seeking to protect it from people who want to access your information or data.

This platform will capture an image of the intruder who wants to access your mobile and will save it so you can see who that person is. In addition to this, it brings with it an antivirus tool which will help you protect your data.


This app has a particularity and it is that it manages to work with very secure passwords to protect the greatest amount of your files, it brings with it a high search for documents and patterns to access the app. The best thing about this tool is that it has a self-destruction in case your mobile is stolen at some point.

Smart AppLock

This is one of the most used applications to lock and protect your documents on iPhone. It will allow you to block as many files as you want to protect and it will capture a photograph of whoever is trying to access, later sending it to your email to warn you about the intruder on your mobile.

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