What are the best applications to learn how to program from your mobile? List 2021

For a few years, becoming familiar with computers has been a more than essential matter. In the world of work, there are really few languages ​​that can help you progress and without a doubt, the best of all, it refers to programming languages.

That is why it is recommended to learn to program from an early age taking into account that there are many resources for this today. From there, the famous applications arise that allow to know and study this type of language and serve to understand, at least, the basic concepts of programming with didactic methods.

Taking into account that you can simply dedicate an opportune time to it every day to obtain the basic notions and be able to create websites and even mobile apps, it is necessary to detail the best apps for Android and iOS to begin to handle the art of creating code with flexibility.

Is it possible to learn to program from scratch with mobile applications?

Just as you find applications that provide you with knowledge to learn to cook, to do exercises correctly, to put on makeup and any infinite number of activities that you can take full advantage of, there are also mobile apps that teach you to program from scratch and best of all This is that you can do it at your own pace and from anywhere, without having to attend courses that often become annoying.

From these applications on Android or iPhone, you can find a great variety of information that has been directly transferred from the web to its interface, but in a more simplified way, so that users can facilitate this learning process.

Likewise, it should be noted that these apps work as communities where qualified knowledge, tutorials are shared, you can also ask questions in your own way and even help you with others, when interacting with them. Like practicing through tasks that the same application provides you.

How much time do I need to spend to do it?

In reference to the time required to know how to program from a smartphone and to be able to create your own applications, there is no fixed or unique pattern that must be followed for them. Since, all people acquire knowledge in a different way and while one user can simplify this with a certain method, another cannot.

Therefore, it is worth noting that, to acquire the basic knowledge of the programming language, a lot of dedication, effort and above all, perseverance is needed. Which will determine how quickly you can start making your creations. Bearing in mind that, it is good to go as deep as possible during these processes, in order to ensure quality results.

However, according to data provided by experts, they guarantee that, with only dedicating 10 minutes a day to mobile programming, you will be able to educate yourself about it perfectly and through the fundamentals, start a computer project.

What are the main programming languages ​​used today?

However, before starting the learning processes to create computer codes from a mobile phone, it is necessary and of great help to know which programming languages ​​are most used today. Because, logically, if you want to be an expert in it, you will have to keep up to date with the most relevant information, such as the types of languages ​​to program. Which are:


One of the most recognized in the world, which stands out for its simplicity and great readability. In this way, it is one of the most used types of programming languages ​​worldwide, being present in around 7 billion devices. Among its advantages, we highlight the staying power it offers, thus guaranteeing long-term operation.


It is multiplatform and multiparadigm, also widely used in the world of computing. Which stands out from the rest for its general purpose, so it supports object orientation and imperative programming. Added to this, it offers great ease of use, shows a lot of legibility, is functional and perfect for beginners.


It is one of the oldest, since it was created between 1969 and 1972. It is also general-purpose and shows a magnificent execution in most operating systems, so it is totally flexible and widely used in the world. . Additionally, we indicate that it is very common for the development of desktop applications.

C ++

Also known as “C Plus Plus ” is another of the most renowned programming languages ​​and is especially object-oriented. By its name, it is understood that it is a technology superior to the C language and of course, it shows a greater extension. A clear example of programs created with C ++ is the famous Adobe package.

C #

It is known as “C Sharp ” and is another of the object-directed languages. Being the greatest evolution of type C and C Plus Plus; developed like this, in 2000 by the giant Microsoft, which is why, since its inception, it has been used in various business applications. Among its benefits, we find the modernity and simplicity that it exhibits.


Although many people often confuse Java with this type of programming, the truth is that they are absolutely different languages. In the case of JavaScript, it is specially handled for the creation of software that is later linked to a web page or introduced into larger programs. The most prominent examples of its use are: in information search engines, chats and calculators.

Visual basic

It is a kind of language that stands out for having a simple syntax and has the possibility of automating its own processes, as well as establishing its own web applications. Apart from this, it is considered one of the friendliest among all and for that reason, many people who do not have relevant knowledge, choose to handle it.

Assembly language (ASL)

We also highlight this programming language that, in most cases, is used to interact with computer hardware. Although it can be classified as low-level, it is still highly executed. In this way, it allows users to have greater readability of the codes, because it uses structured commands, instead of numbers.

List of the best apps to learn advanced programming on Android and iOS

We have reached the most decisive section of the entire post and perhaps, the one you most expected. In such a way, in order for you to use the best solution on your Android and iOS device to learn to program easily and quickly from wherever you want, here are 10 best apps for it and available in the Google Play Store and the App Store :


Compatible with Android and iOS, this is the most qualified app when it comes to obtaining knowledge of computer programming. Since, it offers the largest library of learning content, both for beginners and even for professionals in the field. You can even join millions of programmers from anywhere and enter various discussions and tasks of this type to keep your knowledge up to date.

For its part, it is completely free and includes the main types of language detailed above, as well as others such as: Kotlin, PHP, SQL, etc. It also adds web development (including HTML5M, CSS3 and JQuery), has algorithms and data structures, delivers personalized content based on your progress and preferences, has a free mobile code editor.


Also for Android and iPhone devices, with this solution users can learn to program from scratch with their smartphone, being one of the best ways to do so. Among its main features, we highlight that Encode contains very simple and short lessons that offer you decisive and transversal data to better understand the tricks of this world.

As for the types of language that he uses during his lessons, it basically includes: JavaScript, Python and on the Web with CSS and HTML. Among other details, it contains many practical exercises in its console to enter code yourself, it is efficient and direct, as well as free. However, it does offer certain paid lessons.

Programming – Tutorials – Courses

You can find it in the Google Play Store (for Android) and from it, get the best online programming courses directly from your mobile or tablet. Taking into account that, it provides completely free assistance in order to gather more users eager to become software developers and guarantee complete quality.

In this sense, you can access it to create your own programs and applications and every day learn more about computer programming that can boost your success to the maximum. Basically, it handles the following types of language: Java, JavaScript, C, Objective C, Python and Android.

Mimo: Learn to Code

Available in both operating systems, this app offers a very interactive mechanism to learn to program from your mobile. Since, it allows you to observe the processes, step by step and has a very colorful and pleasant design that attracts attention. Thus, it is made up of more than 5 million students who share their basic knowledge and handle information better every day.

With this application, you can basically understand the coding processes, create applications, websites and even games and even automate your life completely. The biggest advantage is that it customizes each learning path, based on each user’s projects and offers fun challenges to learn and be entertained simultaneously. Includes: Swift, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Java, C #, C ++, Ruby, and command line.

Programming Hub

It is a proposal only for Android users, which makes it easier for you to learn several languages ​​of this class, such as: JavaScript, HTML, C, C ++, C #, Java, Python, R, CSS, Artificial Intelligence and others. In reference to their learning methods, they are based on multiple choice questions with several answers to select.

For its part, it offers very simple and complete explanations at the same time, it has an immense library of lessons that guarantee a great assistance to accumulate more software experts. Through its systems, it allows you to test your code in its compiler designed for smartphones and is a service sponsored by Google experts. The app is free, but it does provide a pro version.


If the little ones in the house want to start in the world of programming or else, you want to show your children how wonderful it is; Lightbot is the ideal application to do it. Since, thanks to its mechanics of a puzzle game, it is very striking. Therefore, it has been expanded in more than 100 countries worldwide.

It is a free and easy-to-use application whose purpose is to guide a robot and from it, obtain the main knowledge of programming. In addition, the actions are executed using a variety of commands, it contains around 20 challenges and 50 levels.

Learn to program video games

For Android you can find this simple application that is based on video game programming, specifically. Thus, it is an ideal alternative for those who love to play on their mobile, since to the extent that they obtain basic programming knowledge, they can create an app to their liking for entertainment.

With the free application, it has several levels of challenges and different programming topics, being: Functions, variables, conditionals, sequences and loops. In addition to this, it offers a detailed course to personalize the experience.


This is considered one of the most complete programming apps on the market today, but it is only available for Android devices. Given that, it covers a remarkable variety of languages ​​and topics that are divided into several categories and thus, ranging from the most basic information to the most advanced. Therefore, it is ideal for beginners and professionals at the same time.

At Codenza you get great introductions to each topic, functional programming, object-directed programming, data structures, algorithms, methods and functions, variables and operators, sequences and loops, arrays, classes, and much more detailed information. Thus, it handles the vast majority of languages ​​used today and is a freemium solution.


With high-quality lessons, this simple application is also a good alternative to acquire more knowledge about programming, starting from scratch. It should be noted that it covers 16 types of language in total and has two versions: one free and one paid. The best part is that the free version provides excellent options.

With this app you can also teach the little ones in the house to program at the computer level, since its teaching tactics mix information with a touch of entertainment, that is, they can learn at their own pace while having fun. The user interface is colorful and very intuitive.

Learn Java

As its name indicates, it is an application that only handles the type of Java configuration to facilitate the learning processes for those who wish to study this computer language specifically from their mobile. Thus, it offers quick, completely effective and easy lessons to its users of any age.

For its part, it is considered an application that has been designed to be completed quickly in order to obtain the basic knowledge in just hours. In other words, it is possible to complete it in less than three hours by solving all its real exercises ; It has basics, arrays, classes and objects, abstract lessons and interfaces, exception handling, sets, and more.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks!

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