Unleash your creativity by designing with affinity designer

If you are an art fan and for a while now you decided to move to the digital world, here you will find a software solution that will not leave you indifferent. Specifically, we refer to the software called Affinity Designer, a program focused on conceptual art that offers us everything we need for our creativity.

Affinity is a software development firm that has been with us for a good number of years and that has specialized in the design sector. For this, it has a series of very interesting solutions, such as the one that we will talk about in these same lines. We refer to the aforementioned Affinity Designer, a program especially suitable for all those who want to develop their creativity to the maximum from the computer.

At first this is a software that was more focused on computers based on macOS, but now we already have a version for Windows that we can install and use.

What does Affinity Designer offer us on the PC

To begin with and in order to give you a global idea of ​​what we are talking about here, say that this is a tool focused on vector and raster design . As soon as we install it on the computer, we are faced with an application that will allow us, among many other things, to generate our own conceptual art. At the same time, the integrated functions of the program allow us to design all kinds of printed matter, logos, or icons.

All this from a versatile user interface that in one way or another tries to greatly facilitate this type of work. Therefore, it is a solution especially dedicated to illustrators, game developers, web designers or for anyone who wants to start in this sector.

For all of this that we are discussing, Affinity Designer offers us a modernized user interface that adapts perfectly to current times. In addition, it does not clash at all in the operating system in which we install it.

First steps to get started with Affinity Designer

Of course, once the program is installed, we find a blank work desk to be able to start working on our project from scratch. Therefore, we can either open an existing project from the File / Open menu, or start with a new one. In addition, the program allows us to define the size of the original document that we are going to need from the File / New menu. In the window that appears, we will also have the possibility of defining a good number of parameters related to the new document as such.

Once it has been selected and customized with its original values, it is loaded into the original work desk. We can start working without problems, since in addition to the blank document, we find all the functions and tools that Affinity Designer offers us.

Take full advantage of the design program interface

We will say that the program presents us with a user interface with several well differentiated sections, as is usual in applications of this type. In the central panel we find the work desk, while on the left we see the most common tools in these conflicts. As we select them, at the top we will see the customizable options for each tool.

On the other hand, in the right panel, we find several tabs that give us access to the somewhat more advanced controls of the application. In this way, from it we have access to the layers that we are creating, the available effects, styles, work history, etc.

Of course, in order to take advantage of all the shortcuts and menu options that Affinity Designer offers us, our creativity and experience will be very important.

Other useful features of Affinity Designer

As we mentioned, this is a perfect solution for designers from different fields to unleash their creativity. Therefore, here we find a program that over the years has improved considerably in this same sense. That is why it is worthwhile for us to let you know some of its main functions so that you can get an idea of ​​what you are going to find here:

  • Gradients, effects and adjustments in real time.
  • Thousands of predefined objects for your use.
  • I work with layers.
  • Pan and zoom at 60 fps.
  • Curve edits and transformations with real-time preview.
  • View of pixels and drawing lines.
  • Vector tools.
  • Pen and brush stabilization for freehand drawing.
  • Effects and blending modes.
  • Pen tools and curve editing.
  • Text control.
  • Unlimited work desks.
  • Support for CMYK, LAB, RGB, PANTONE, and grayscale.
  • Full 16-bit editing per channel.

How to download Affinity Designer

Well, if you are interested in delving into this spectacular world of vector design, among others, there is no doubt that this is a solution that will be very interesting for you. Of course, first of all we must bear in mind that in this case we do not find a free program, so we will have to pay for it. What we do have at our disposal is a 90-day trial version that you can download from this link .

From there, if its operation convinces us, we have a version for macOS or Windows for a price of 54.99 euros. On the other hand we have a version for iPad for 21.99 euros.

Other alternatives for digital design

Adobe illustrator

First of all, we will talk about Adobe Illustrator, perhaps the best-known proposal of this type in the world. We find a vector graphics editor with which we have the possibility to edit and modify all kinds of images formed by geometric objects. Here we will have all the necessary tools to carry out these tasks and to be able to work with our creativity. It can be considered as an application for professional drawing, web layout or editorial design, among others. You can see all this through this link .


On the other hand we have Gravit, a vector design tool that is characterized by its extreme precision at work. You could say that it focuses on design made with pixels, and has multiple fill tools, effects and borders. Allows you to import sketches and design models, all with support for layers. To download and use this other proposal, it is something we can do from here .


We can also make use of this web application that offers us a multitude of basic functionalities to be able to create our vector designs. It offers a good number of utilities to edit nodes, change colors, rotate figures, etc. The main difference here is that it does not need installation and we can use it from our favorite web browser. To test it first hand, we can do it from this link .

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