Uber billing: how you have to bill in Uber

Uber is one of the most used transport services today in different countries of the world. That is why its platform is constantly updated, including improvements or new features, such as travel billing. Which allows partners and users to issue invoices in PDF or XML format that are sent to their email so that they can print and archive them among their documents.

In this sense, the following text explains how you should bill in Uber and how to get your bills, whether you are a customer or a user. Now, you should know that in order to do this, you will have to register or register on the aforementioned platform. Therefore, throughout this post you will also find a section that teaches you how to register your data and, in addition, some frequently asked questions that arise during this process.

How to register

The first step before you start checking in with Uber is to register on the platform, for this you have two alternatives. The first applies if you are a client, and consists of entering thewebsite to complete a registration form where you will be asked for information such as: name and surname, telephone, email and an access password.

For its part, the second option is for those who wish to subscribe as partners or drivers, and it is done through the Uber Driver app. Which is available for Smartphones with Operating SystemAndroid andiOS on Google Play and App Store, respectively. Once you have an account within this platform, you will be able to issue your invoices by following the steps described in the next section.

How to get invoices

Although the process to follow in Uber to download your invoices is very similar for customers and drivers, the necessary steps differ a bit at a specific point. Learn how you should proceed in each case, in the following paragraphs.

If you are a user

In case you are an Uber user and you want to obtain your invoices to keep a file of your travel expenses, you must enter thewebsite and follow these steps:

  1. Write your email and access password.
    Note : you can also log in with your Facebook or Google account by clicking on any of the corresponding options.
  2. Once inside your profile, click on ” Tax Profile ” on the left side panel.
  3. Click on the “+ Add” button.
  4. Complete the form responding with the corresponding information in each field.
  5. When everything is ready, press “ Save ”.

By completing all the steps you will be able to receive your invoice in PDF and XML format in the email associated with your user. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to being able to generate receipts, in the “Users” section you can also register, modify or verify your tax information. As well as creating several profiles for each payment method and activating automatic billing for those you want.

Now, in case you want to generate a receipt for one of your trips already registered, you must log into your Uber account and go to the ” My trips ” section. Once there, select the trip you want to check in and press the ” See details” button. Then, click on ” Invoice Request ” and you will receive the requested information in PDF and XML format in your email.

If you are a member or driver

As a driver or Uber partner, you should know that every time a customer requests a receipt for their trip, it is issued through the billing profile of your account. Which you can access by enteringto the site with your username and password, in the ” Invoice settings ” section. Now, in case you want to download the information of any of your trips, follow the steps described below:

  1. Login to
  2. Enter your username and password to enter your driver profile.
  3. Click on the ” Invoices ” option .
  4. In this section you will find all the trips that were billed in the past, to download the receipt for any of them simply click on the one you want.

Once you finish these steps, you will receive the invoice from Uber in the email associated with your driver account. Something that is worth mentioning is that, by entering “Invoice Configuration”, you will be able to register, modify or verify your tax information so that it conforms to the scheme you are going through at the time.

Frequent doubts

As an Uber customer or driver, you may have questions when you check-in. That is why the most frequently asked questions regarding this topic are answered below .

How long should I wait to request my invoice

If automatic billing is deactivated, you can request your Uber bill within 24 hours, after the trip. In the same way, if the automatic invoice option is activated, you will receive the receipt in your email after 24 hours, after having completed the service. Now, for this to be possible, it must be canceled in its entirety.

The bills do not arrive

If you comply with the tax profile within your Uber account, but the invoices still do not arrive to your email, you should check the following information :

  • That the payment method is the one indicated for the invoice.
  • The trip must be canceled in its entirety.
  • The gift codes, coupons or discounts are not billed. In case your trip has been partially canceled with any of these methods, only the part that was paid in another way will be included.
  • The trips outside the country can not be billed.

As you could see, the process to check in with Uber is very simple. You simply have to register and register your data to start issuing receipts from your account.

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