Trouble downloading from ares? Kill them easily

Ares has been, is and will be one of the most popular programs to download files from P2P networks. This software is very similar to eMule, allowing us to download files from its own network and also from the Torrent network. A complete program from which we can find practically everything and download it very easily to our computer. However, if we do not know how to configure it, we may have connection and speed problems. Problems that, with a couple of tips, we can solve very easily.

When connecting to the Ares network, or trying to download a file from the Internet, we may find various errors that prevent us from using the program. The two most common are ” Ares does not connect ” or ” Connecting “, two errors that we can solve by following these steps.

Repair Ares installation if it doesn’t connect

One of the reasons why this program may fail is because some of the files in its installation have been corrupted. Although it may not seem like it, this is quite common, especially if the program has been forced to close or if the computer has been shut down or restarted without prior notice.

The quickest and easiest way to fix this problem is to perform a clean install of Ares . To do this, we will have to download the latest official version (mods are not valid) of the program from this link and reinstall it. We can uninstall the program before us, or install it on top of the one we already have installed.

Once Ares is reinstalled, it will be able to connect and function without any problems.

There is a trick to solve this problem that is based on going to the program’s installation folder, inside the « Data » directory and unzipping two system files that we can download from the Internet. However, these files are not already found nor does it always work, since they depend on the version of the program that we have. The trick of reinstalling the download client is much more effective.

Check Internet, change the port and open it in the firewall

The problem may not be with our Ares as such, but with our Internet connection or the configuration. Ares, like any other P2P program, needs an active Internet connection and a configuration in the roiter and the firewall that allows it to connect with peers.

Therefore, the first thing we must do is make sure that the connection works correctly. For this we only have to check that the web pages open to us, and do a speed test to make sure that everything is going correctly.

Within the Ares Configuration, in the “Download” tab, we will find the network configuration. From here we will be able to change the port of the program for another that we know that works in conditions to be able to download with it. In addition, we can also check that other parameters, such as simultaneous connections or bandwidth, are correctly configured.

The program also needs to be allowed in the firewall of our Windows to be able to download without problems. Windows will show us a warning to allow access to the network the first time we use it, but we can also give it the permissions ourselves by hand.

We must also make sure that the port is open on our router. Although in theory the UPnP should work (function to open ports automatically when necessary), if it does not work we will have to open it by hand from the configuration of the router itself.

If we are connected through a proxy to the Internet, we must check that this is configured correctly in the “Network” tab of the Ares configuration.

Other possible solutions to Ares not connecting problems

If none of the above has worked to make the program work normally again, then we can try one of the following tricks.

Reset the default folder

It may happen that, if we have changed the download folder, the program does not have sufficient permissions to write to it. It may even happen that, if it was configured as a network drive, it is not even accessible. Therefore, if we continue to have problems, we must try to ” restore the default folder ” where the downloaded files are saved. We can do this from the “Download” tab of the Ares configuration, by clicking on the corresponding button that we will see.

Another possibility is that we are running out of free space on our hard drive. In that case, what we have to do is change the default download folder to another directory, within another hard drive, where there is space to download.

Try Ares Fix and CNodes List

A program called ” Ares Fix ” circulates on the net , which basically corrects connection problems when Ares does not connect by overwriting the files and program settings that are proposed to cause problems. Broadly speaking, this program does the same thing that we have seen in the previous steps, but automatically. The files it usually replaces are:

  • CNodes.dat
  • DHTnodes.dat
  • FailedSNodes.dat
  • SNodes.dat

Personally, from SoftZone we do not recommend downloading this program, especially because the websites that host it are of doubtful reliability and will try to sneak unwanted software onto the PC. But if we still take a chance, we can give this program a chance.

We can also search the Internet for the « CNodes List «, files that, in theory, update the nodes of the program to connect and download faster. But equally, we do not recommend using them.

Check that the source has enough seeds

Ares is a P2P program. And like any other P2P program, its operation is based mainly on the fact that we will obtain better speed the more sources (seeds) the file we want to download has. If when looking for a file in this program it has very few sources, no matter how good our connection is, it will not download. As simple as that. Or, if it does, it will do it at a ridiculously slow speed.

Therefore, when looking for a file within this program, it is necessary to make sure that it has sufficient sources and seeds. And when we finish, we will remain as sources, since the fact of sharing is the main foundation of this type of program.

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