The best apps to find files in windows 10

We are constantly saving files on our hard drives, from important files, such as photos and documents, to files with irrelevant information that we simply keep for some personal reason. If we are organized we will surely have all the files well organized in folders so that, when we want to find one, we can do it easily. However, if we are not very careful with the organization of these files, over time we will surely end up in a chaos of folders and files, a chaos in which it will be difficult to find any file that we are looking for.

Windows has by default a file browser that allows us to locate files by name with relative ease. Furthermore, thanks to the indexing functions it is even possible to analyze terabytes of space in seconds to find what we are looking for.

However, this search engine is not exactly one of the best, since, in addition to not always being efficient (very often it makes a mess and shows files that have nothing to do with our search), it hardly offers us any type of filter to discard irrelevant files that we do not need.

Best programs to find files in Windows 10

Luckily, if we need a good tool to search for files on our computer, there are excellent third-party applications that will allow us to search easily, quickly and also with many customization options and filters, the files that we have stored on our hard drives.

Everything, the fastest way to find your files

One of the free applications that we can use to search for files on our computer is Everything. This totally free application allows us to find any file or folder that we have on any of our computer’s hard drives in seconds.

In addition, it has a very comfortable navigation system to move through the directory tree, as well as one of the most powerful and complete filters that we can find in this type of application.

We can download Everything from the following link .

VX Search, one of the most complete, although for commercial use

Another alternative to search for files on our computer is VX Search. This app is mostly focused on taking functionality to a new level. For this, it has a very complete and easy-to-use interface, with a multitude of information about the files that we list as well as the possibility of creating search profiles.

The searches of this application are not the fastest, although they are not slow either. In addition, thanks to the wide variety of filters that we can find, we will be able to find our files very easily.

We can download VX Search from its main web page . We have a free version for home use and somewhat limited and several more advanced professional versions.

WizFile, a tool that cannot be missing from your PC

This is another well-known application created to allow us to search for all kinds of files on our PC. With little more than a year of life, this application has become one of the most complete that we can find for this purpose.

WizFile has everything we can search for in a file search application for Windows, from a very simple interface and a powerful system to move through the directory tree to a multitude of filters. It also has a powerful indexing system so that searches appear instantly.

We can download WizFile from the following link .

DocFetcher, the OpenSource option to search for files

If what we want is a powerful application and in addition to open source, then we must try DocFetcher. Billed as the Google of our files by its developers, this application also has a very easy-to-use interface and a very powerful search engine to easily find our files in seconds.

This tool is compatible with a large number of file types, and it also has powerful indexing, as well as filters to find our files in seconds.

We can download DocFetcher from the following link .

Listary, a revolutionary program to search files

Listary is another complete program that we can use to search for all kinds of files on our computer. Thanks to this program, we can forget about the tedious task of having to navigate between all the files and folders on our PC, being able to locate all types of files in seconds, wherever they are. This program integrates perfectly with different well-known file explorers, such as Total Commander, Directory Opus, XYplorer, Xplorer2, WinRAR and FileZilla, and it will allow us, with a couple of clicks, to have all the data on our disks at hand hard.

When searching, this program has its own launcher, which allows us to apply a series of custom actions to help us refine our search much more. Also, the results are displayed by extension, which is welcome.

We can download Listary from here .

Agent Ransack, very fast search engine to find files

Yet another alternative, much loved by users who decide to give it a try, is Agent Ransack. This proprietary software allows us to find all kinds of files and information on our hard drive quickly and efficiently. If we choose to search the content of the files, Agent Ransack shows us the found text. In this way, thanks to this program we will be able to quickly examine the results without having to open each of the files. Ransack supports Regular Expressions that allow complex rule-based searches, displays a content results view, offers various wizards to guide the user through the search process, and much more.

We can download this file browser from its website .


It is a tool created by Nirsoft that allows us to easily search for files on our hard drives quickly. Although it is true that its interface is not exactly one of the most careful, this is a very complete and customizable application to search for files within our computer. It has two panels, one has all the customization options and search filters, and the other will be the window where we will see the results.

We can download this file browser for free from the  following link . This program is portable so it will not be necessary to install anything on your computer.

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