Steam goes down slow? So you can speed ​​up game downloads

Steam is undoubtedly the platform par excellence for those who are passionate about PC games, since it has a large catalog of titles that we can download to enjoy them on our computer. However, one of the problems that we can find when downloading games on Steam is that it is done slowly and the process takes a long time. Next, we are going to show what we can do to try to speed up Steam downloads.

The first, and most important, is that the download time of the game will depend on its size. It is not the same to download an indie game of a few dozen megabytes than a triple A production of several dozen gigabytes. In addition, depending on the nature of the game, and the type of files it has inside, the download may take more or less. Remember that very small files take longer to write to disk than large files, which translates into a lower overall download speed.

Tips for speeding up Steam downloads

These tricks will allow us to speed up Steam downloads in case, for some reason, they are slow.

Check connection

The first of all is to check our Internet connection, since the speed may not be what we think and this makes the Steam downloads not go as fast as we expected. For her, we can use some of the online services that allow us to measure the download and upload speed of our connection.

We remember that 100 Mbps contracted implies going down to about 10 MB / s. With 600 Mbps contracted, the download speed will range between 65 and 70 MB / s. With a 1 Gbps connection we could download files at a speed of between 100 and 100 MB / s, in optimal conditions.

Once we visit the site, all we have to do is click on the Speed ​​Test button and the process to measure the speed of our connection will automatically begin. If everything is correct, then we must try other settings on Steam, but if the speed is not the contracted one, then we will have to contact our Internet provider to solve the problem.

Check background downloads

Another way to try to speed up Steam downloads is to allow background downloads . By default, Steam for downloads in progress when we start to play, something useful if we are enjoying an online game that requires a large bandwidth for its correct operation, however, if this is not the case we can indicate to the platform that keep downloading in the background while we play.

To do this, we open Steam, access the settings, select the Downloads option and look for the option Allow downloads while playing . Now, if we want that for a specific game downloads in the background are not allowed, then we must go to the game in question, enter the properties and within the Updates tab we indicate that the downloads in the background are stopped. We can do this in those games that need a good bandwidth to run smoothly.

Do not download from a 4G network

We are increasingly connecting to the Internet from 4G networks. Thanks to them we can always be connected wherever we are without depending on cable or Wi-Fi, just with our phone. However, although these networks can help us get out of a hurry, and they are enough to navigate, they are not enough, for example, to download games from Steam.

A Steam game, if it is last generation, can occupy between 50 and 100 GB. No data rate, unless it is unlimited, has that much bandwidth. In addition, the speed of 4G networks is much lower than that of any other fixed network, which translates into much slower download speeds. And, while we download the games, in addition, we will not be able to navigate (unless we have a speed limit).

With the rise of 5G networks this is likely to change. However, right now, it is unfeasible to download games from Steam with a mobile connection.

Check speed limits

The platform itself offers us another way to try to speed up Steam downloads, changing or customizing the bandwidth used by the tool and the download region. To do this, within the configuration> Downloads, we must check that Steam has the closest server configured as the download region, although we can modify it at will. And on the other hand, within the download limitations section, we will be able to limit the bandwidth to what we want as well. In this way, we can try to speed up the Steam downloads from the configuration itself.

Analyze Wi-Fi (or connect by cable)

If we still notice that the downloads are still somewhat slow, then we can try to make several changes in the configuration of our Wifi . The first thing we can do is bring our computer as close to the router as possible to avoid interference or loss of signal. We can also try to switch between frequencies, from 2.4GHz to 5GHz, from the router configuration, as well as try to find the channels that offer us a higher speed.

Other tricks to speed up Steam

If none of the above has worked, we can also try the following.

Increase process priority

We can give higher priority to the Steam process from the Windows 10 task manager so that it can make better use of resources. To do this, we will open the Windows 10 task manager (Control + Shift + Esc), and we will go to the “Details” tab. Here we will look for the Steam processes and change their priority to “High”.

Change the game server

In the previous points we have recommended you check that we have the server region correctly configured. But it can happen that the problem is in that server, in this region. Therefore, this is where we have the bottleneck. In that case, we will have to change the region of the Steam download server to another, checking if this speeds up the downloads.

If we want to know the status of the Steam servers, we can do it from this link .

Use an SSD to install the games

Finally, if we are using a normal hard disk to download and copy Steam games, we must know that these discs have very low writing speed, and are the main bottleneck when downloading and installing games. Therefore, in this case we could only improve the low speed by changing the hard drive, buying a new SSD that allows us to increase the overall performance of the PC.

Check that there are no other computers using the Internet

Although it may be obvious, this is a problem that is often overlooked. When we hire an Internet connection, the global speed is the total speed available for all computers. If we have another PC connected to the network that is using a lot of bandwidth (for example, watching YouTube, Netflix or downloading games from Steam), the rest of the computers will browse slower.

If we are going to download games from Steam, it is best to take advantage when there are no other people connected to the router. This will ensure that we can use 100% of the connection without problems.

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