Save time by converting many word docs to pdf in one go

In these times we have the possibility of doing all kinds of work on our computers, from the most complex to the simpler. Even at leisure to play games, watch movies or talk with other users, the PC will be of enormous help.

In fact, as most of you will already know first-hand, today’s computers are helpful both for work and for entertaining at home. With everything and with this, in these same lines we are going to focus on a mode of operation that does not stop growing over time. Specifically, we refer to the office automation sector , where a good number of programs, platforms and types of files come into play.

Keep in mind that in everything that office automation covers, we can not only talk about texts that we do, for example, with Word. This is something that goes much further and that encompasses many other types of use and applications. With everything and with this, in these lines we are going to focus on two of the most used types of files here. Specifically, we refer to the popular files that we create with the aforementioned Word, the DOCs, and the versatile PDFs .

Advantages of Batch Word to PDF Converter

In fact, at this time we could say that native Word files and PDFs are two of the most widely used formats at the moment. These serve us to save or share our text documents in multiple ways. Either to work locally or over the Internet, in education-related environments, or for professional purposes. Be that as it may, the truth is that these types of files in particular do not stop growing in terms of their type of use and market penetration. To deal with them there are many utilities, such as Batch Word to PDF Converter, which we will talk about here.

Usefulness and use of Word DOC files

Well, we tell you all this because on many occasions we are going to find that we want to convert files between both formats. It is precisely here that we want to help you along these lines. Let’s assume that Word DOC files are the format for creating and editing documents in the Microsoft program . At the same time, it is important to know that most of the text solutions on the market are already compatible with this same file format.

In addition, these can be composed, not only of texts, but of many other additional elements. Here photos, graphs, tables, etc. come into play. It is the programs compatible with these that allow us to add these add-ons. For example in the popular Word, we achieve this through its menu option, Insert.

Advantages that PDF files offer us

On the other hand, we can find the increasingly popular files in PDF format. It is worth mentioning that they are used more frequently in official documents, invoices or files that are shared over the Internet. You have to know that these files, once created, are much more complicated to modify than a DOC file like the ones we talked about earlier.

At the same time we will say that these can be opened and their content read with a good number of programs . Among these we find some specific ones for all this, as well as Internet browsers , for example.

Convert many DOCs to PDF at once with Batch Word to PDF Converter

These solutions that we have just talked about are very useful when it comes to converting a single file. For this, it is enough that we upload the corresponding file to the platform in question so that the work begins. Thus, for this it is easy to resort to any free online converter such as the ones reviewed. But the problem can arise in the case that we want to convert many DOC documents from Word to PDF in one go. We always have the possibility to do it one by one, but then the task can become somewhat annoying or boring.

It is for all this that we are going to talk about a solution for all this below. Specifically, we are going to show you how to convert many Word documents to PDF at the same time and quickly. Specifically, we refer to a program that we can get for free and that is compatible with the most recent versions of Windows. It is called Batch Word to PDF Converter and it is a useful application that will be very helpful.

As its name suggests, with this software solution we will already have the possibility of converting Word files to PDF in batch. This means that if we need it, we can select many Word documents in DOC format to convert, and process them automatically. This will save us from having to go one by one in order to obtain what we are really looking for, which is to convert them to PDF.

To say that to achieve this, we just have to download and install the program as such on the Windows PC . Next we find a simple user interface with which we will not have any problems.

Therefore, in its upper part, we see that a toolbar appears with the main menu options. From there we can add the files that we are going to convert, that is, the DOC files. Of course, to speed up the process, we can also drag them all at once from the File Explorer to the Batch Word to PDF Converter interface . Thus, once we have all loaded into the program, click on the Start Now button so that the process begins all at once.

Download atch Word to PDF Converter for free

As we mentioned before, this is a free program that allows you to convert many Word documents to PDF at the same time. Say that it is a free program, which is always appreciated, that we can get and download from this link . It is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10, as well as Windows Server, all of them in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Its size is only 36 MB, so it is quite light and also consume few resources of our system.

Alternatives to Batch Word to PDF Converter

Once we know all this, at the same time it is important to know that it is increasingly common for us to have to convert DOC documents from Word to PDF files . This is something that we can do easily and quickly through many online programs or platforms.

Document Cyborg

It is a web application compatible with a multitude of office file formats. Therefore, here we can work with the aforementioned DOC and PDF, as well as with TXT, ODT or ePub . Without a doubt, it is another great option with which to convert Word documents to PDF for free. For all this we only have to access this link .


At the same time we can also make use of another similar proposal called Convertio which you can access from here . As in the previous case, this Internet application also has support for the conversion of multiple file formats, including the ones we are talking about in these lines.

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